Sing Heng Hoe Construction (1988) Pte Ltd


Name of RSing Heng Hoeecipient:
Mr. Ng Hoe Leng

In the ever-shifting landscape of Singapore, construction works are a common and constant sight. As space becomes increasingly limited, it is not uncommon to have such works near residential locations and areas with high traffic flow. It is therefore important for contractors who undertake civil engineering projects in Singapore to meet high standards of speed and quality, so as to minimize disruption to the public.

Sing Heng Hoe Construction (1988) Pte Ltd is a leading construction firm in Singapore specializing in a wide range of construction work. This includes civil works, earthwork, demolition and rental of construction equipment. The company primarily undertakes civil engineering projects and is registered with the Building Construction Authority (BCA) with a CW02-B2 status. A CW02 status allows a contractor to take on work involving concrete, masonry or steel in infrastructures such as bridges, sewers, reservoirs, pavements, bus bays and many more. Additionally, Sing Heng Hoe Construction has also achieved multiple business certifications such as ISO, OHSAS and bizSAFE.

Widely regarded as a pair of safe, steady hands in the construction industry, Sing Heng Hoe Construction differentiates themselves from competitors by drawing upon their years of experience to provide reliable service and quality. Led by managing director Mr. Ng Hoe Leng, the company has undertaken a diverse range of projects from an assortment of clients over the years. One of their notable clients is the Housing Development Board (HDB), which engages Sing Heng Hoe Construction to handle developmental and maintenance tasks within HDB estates. Some of the company’s successful public projects include widening, repairing and resurfacing of roads as well as carpark demolition and improvements all over Singapore.

In order to maintain their edge in the industry, Sing Heng Hoe Construction prioritizes the upgrading of professional skills and expertise of their operational staff. The company also makes an effort to improve and upgrade their technology in conjunction with their staff to increase the efficiency of their work process. This dedication to keeping ahead of the curve, along with their steadfast reliability and expertise has contributed to winning over new clients as well as earning repeated visits from existing ones.

Similar to many other entrepreneurs, Mr. Ng cites bad debt and manpower issues as some of the challenges he faced when first going into business. From an initial strength of 8 employees, Sing Heng Hoe Construction now employs 50 staff. However, not being one to rest on his laurels, Mr. Ng hopes to gradually upgrade and expand his company over the next few years.

A prominent figure in his life, Mr. Ng is deeply inspired by his father, whose work in the construction industry was one of the reasons why he chose to start his business. He recalls following his father around, learning the tips and tricks of the construction trade from a young age. This experience would later prove to be invaluable when managing his company.

When asked to describe some of his proudest achievements to date, Mr. Ng remained humble and down to earth. He explained that on a personal level, starting his business has enabled him to become a better communicator and find ways to get along with others. In addition to this, he has also gotten better at adapting to the environment and different situations a business owner might find themselves in. Where Sing Heng Hoe Construction is concerned, Mr. Ng states that carrying out their work, doing their best to ensure that safety standards are upheld and rectifying any complaints are all considered achievements. He is especially proud of the culture of self-improvement embedded in the company.

Mr Ng’s typical work day involves travelling to and fro between the office and managing construction sites. As a result, the hours can be long and travelling can take its toll on the body. Therefore it should come as no surprise when describing the qualities one needs to be successful in business; Mr. Ng emphasizes hard work and an open mind that is constantly learning. He is a believer in learning through mistakes and tackling difficulties head on instead of trying to escape from them. As Sing Heng Hoe Construction plans for the future, the company can count on Mr. Ng’s tenacious leadership to guide them towards continued success.


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