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Ms. Sheryl Sim

In today’s fast-paced society, consumers are bombarded with hundreds of advertising messages in a single day. Besieged with all sorts of logos, designs and commercials; businesses today face the challenging task of making their brand stand out amongst the crowd. Good brand image is more than just a distinctive design; it is about creating a consistent image which articulates company values into a positive and recognizable force for customers.

Iceworks Communications is a visual communications firm helping businesses craft compelling messages for their target audience. They offer comprehensive branding and marketing services covering development, management and communications. This range of services includes strategy, logo concept and design, corporate identity programmes, collaterals, packaging and multimedia production.

Founded in 2005, the firm has built up an impressive portfolio of clients such as Faber-Castell, Golden Village, Mediacorp Radio and Nanyang Technological University to name a few. Iceworks Communications differentiate themselves from their competitors by being not only designers, but well-rounded people who are knowledgeable about all aspects of production. Talented and passionate about what they do, the team brings expertise and a personal touch when collaborating with their clients.

Iceworks Communications is led by Sheryl, who has been working in the industry even before her graduation from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). She entered the business as she believed in helping clients achieve their vision and wanted to put past experience as a graphic designer to good use. In addition, her familiarity with hands-on production and printed artworks gave her a unique edge. The firm is also set up as a platform for designers to show off their capabilities, for passionate individuals who love their craft to make a living doing what they do best.

For Sheryl, the initial period of starting a business was one where she had to learn and adapt. She relied on learning on the job and skills picked up during the course of her work. She shares that she is still learning today, keeping her knowledge updated and skills sharp. For example, she is looking to explore printed electronics as an addition to the company’s design repertoire.

During the start of her business, the company also faced the challenge of coming up with creative designs that were within budget as gifts for their corporate clients. For Iceworks Communications, the SARS period was one of the major events which deeply affected their operations. It dampened the company’s personal face-to-face style as they had to minimize contact with clients and affected their projects.

However, the strength of the team’s relations with their customers prevailed and the company managed to get things back on track after SARS had passed. Sharing her proudest achievements for Iceworks Communications, Sheryl cites the production of their eco-calendars and several product packaging projects as some of the highlights of her career.

The ‘Ice’ in Iceworks actually stands for ‘Impact, Clarity and Efficiency’ – three qualities that the company strives for in their work. Additionally, it is in line with their company tagline, to ‘break the ICE in communications’.

A typical working day for Sheryl involves managing current clients and seeing new ones. Although she does lesser design work these days, she still manages to keep herself hands-on and maintain her craft. In her opinion, passion, determination and a hunger for learning are key qualities to have in order to ensure one succeeds in business.

To Sheryl, entrepreneurship is about having the freedom and ability to pursue better designs. It is about utilizing the passion one has to be a driving force for developing something good for the clients. Embracing the entrepreneur journey with all its trials and tribulations, Sheryl takes pride in carrying out her business and enjoys the free hand that comes with being in charge of one’s own direction.

As Iceworks Communications continues to help their clients achieve their business goals, Sheryl envisions working with her print partners on more innovative and forward thinking projects; such as integrating light-up panels into the company’s line of calendars. Building and maintaining a coherent brand identity can be a daunting task, but the team at Icework Communications is more than ready to respond to the challenge.


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