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Mr. Jeffrey Ngoh

Are you aware that the performance of a vehicle is directly governed by the quality of its tyres? From tyre pressure to alignment, it is certainly mandatory to preserve your tyres, so as to protect your safety on the road. Each tyre touches the road surface on an area which is approximately the size of a postcard. That being so, tyres are the only contact between you and the road. Hence, you should not trivialize the importance of good tyres. Good tyres are first of all your assurance for a safe and pleasant ride.

Founded in 1985, Gateway-Riken Tires Pte Ltd has been striving their very best to become a dominant company in the industry. Gateway-Riken Tires offers a diverse range of industrial tyres to suit your specific requirements. They also provide commercial & industrial tyre maintenance for prime movers, trailers, forklifts, light trucks and buses. In addition, their 24-hour island-wide emergency tyre recovery helps to reduce your operational downtime.

Armed with a wealth of experience and expertise in this industry, the directors at Gateway-Riken Tires have built a dynamic team with a strong vision of delivering true value to their customers.

For several years, Mr. Jeffrey Ngoh and Ms. Joey Tee have been working together to manage Gateway-Riken Tires. Sharing their reasons for acquiring the company, Ms. Joey mentioned that she has been in this particular industry prior to the establishment of Gateway-Riken Tires. With the rich knowledge and experiences gained throughout the years, Joey felt that she was ready to start up a business in this line of profession. Thereupon, Jeffrey and she came to a final decision, which was to set up Gateway-Riken Tires.

The initial phase of Gateway-Riken Tires was not smooth sailing. Jeffrey proceeded to dictate a number of setbacks met when the company first began its operation. Since the company itself is in a specialized industry, it requires suitable staffs to keep it running. As a result, finding the right people to work in Gateway-Riken Tires is no easy feat. To overcome these challenges, Jeffrey knew that he just had to bite the bullet and carry on doing what he does best. He spent much effort to source and hire the right people who are proficient in industry-specific skills, nurturing them to their fullest potential. Jeffrey also concentrated on working hard and delivering results to his clients.

With Gateway-Riken Tires’s accumulated customer base over the past few decades, many positive testimonials have been attributed to them, and Jeffrey professed that it is indeed one of their proudest achievements. He is extremely proud of the fact that the company is gaining more accolades and praises from the people around. In addition, Jeffrey expressed that attaining such accomplishments makes the whole entrepreneurial journey worthwhile.

Both Jeffrey and Joey managed to differentiate the company in the industry by affirming themselves to have work ethics and expertise. Gateway-Riken Tires’s corporate culture is one based on integrity and unparalleled service quality, which means having the right attitude and delivering on their promises. Emphasis is also placed on mutual co-operation and having a sense of responsibility in order to constructively resolve any issues together with their clients to their satisfaction. Hence, it is no surprise that Gateway-Riken Tires faces no difficulties in gaining many regular customers who stayed with them for a long period of time. All in all, Jeffrey and Joey have credited much of today’s success to their service and attitude.

Leaving no stone unturned, Jeffrey and Joey already have plans for further expansions. The enterprising duo is sourcing for more potential customers. At the same time, they are also looking forward to hire more staff to work under their company, providing improved services and products to the public.

Through the spirit of enterprise, Gateway-Riken Tires has built a loyal customer base and is fast in gaining greater acclaim and recognition from clients. No doubt, they are proud of their track record of trust, competence and dependability which give them further motivation in their quest for excellence. On a mission to becoming a market leader and expert in the industry, Gateway-Riken Tires is on the path to greater success together with the continued support of our clients and stakeholders.


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