Cheap N Deal Pte Ltd


Name of Recipient:
Mr. Dale Tan

Owned and managed by Mr. Dale Tan, Cheap N Deal Pte Ltd is a consumer e-commerce business that offers a wide range of products at affordable prices. The company was founded in 2008, at a time when the e-commerce industry was booming and online purchases were rapidly increasing. Today, Cheap N Deal has a wide pool of customers and are partnering with multiple platforms to retail their products, including Groupon, Lazada, Qoo10 as well as Additionally, their website, also allows customers to view their array of products with ease and make purchases.

Initially dealing with mainly hand phone cables and mobile accessories, the company has now moved on to sell exercise equipments, office chairs and household appliances and more. Dale explained that, “As the profit margin for electronic accessories fell, it became difficult to sustain a business that focuses solely on those products. Hence, we altered our direction and our business has been growing since then!” Apart from trading online, Cheap N Deal also participates in exhibitions and road shows occasionally, giving them another avenue to boost their sales.

Although Cheap N Deal primarily operates online, it is no different from any other start-up company. Needless to say, establishing a business is not an easy task. Like many other enterprises, Cheap N Deal encountered numerous challenges when they first entered the market. For the first two years of operations, Dale based his business at home, where he worked without much rest. With only $10,000 in his pocket, he had to monitor his expenditures closely and spend every cent wisely as it was all he had to make it or break it. At that time, the future of Cheap N Deal seemed unclear, as Dale worried that he would not have enough finances to continue running the business.

Nevertheless, Dale did not lose faith. In fact, he even took up a part-time position in a courier company so as to aid the company financially. Thankfully, his extra allowance helped Cheap N Deal greatly, subsequently allowing them to shift to a small workspace in 2010. “I believe that growth takes place when you do things slowly and steadily. Do it step by step, so that you can grow bit by bit, year by year,’ shared Dale. Being a recipient of the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award is truly a testament to Dale’s commitment, perseverance and hard work throughout the years. Although the company still faces certain obstacles every now and then, Dale’s extensive experience in handling problematic issues have made the past few years of business what he described as a ‘smooth sailing one’.

When asked what sets Cheap N Deal apart from its competitors, Dale says that majority of their products are carefully sourced and picked, ensuring that their products are exclusive to the e-commerce community. Other than that, they also carry goods that can be found at retail stores but offer them at a lower price point. Currently, Cheap N Deal has extended two showrooms, located at Mandai and Ubi, for customers to physically have a look at the products that they intend to purchase.

As the company grows, Dale has come up with several proposals for the company, including the plan to expand their workspace to three units. To add on, he will be actively looking into diversifying their product range and experiment marketing new furniture through the same concept.

Dale’s entrepreneurial story is remarkable, as he turned Cheap N Deal from a small home-based company to one that is thriving in the industry. To him, entrepreneurship is an exciting journey filled with many ups and downs but his desire to let his family lead a comfortable life keeps him going.

As a parting message, Dale advises aspiring entrepreneurs to always look beyond the near future and lead with confidence. He strongly believes that with patience and integrity, one can make it far in the business world.

Contact Details
27 Mandai Estate #06-07
Innovation Place S(729931)
T| 6362 2480


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