Hui Koon Enterprise (Pte) Ltd


Name of Recipient:
Mr. Danny Tay

Hui Koon Enterprise (HKE) is one of the leading Marine line companies in Singapore providing superior consulting services for managing the implementation of accommodations for the marine industry, serving both the domestic and international sectors. HKE brings a fresh and innovative approach to consulting services, and aims to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus bringing satisfactory outcomes to our customer’s demands.
Having work in a Swedish company for many years as a store man, Mr Danny Tay had to handle everything by himself; this allows him to gained valuable experiences. Mr Danny Tay together with his partner then founded Hui Koon Enterprise in year 2005. Started with merely five staffs working under them; it grew exponentially to 80 staffs currently.

“It’s the excitement in this industry that motivates me to choose this industry to work. Though it might be quite challenging, especially when we have a tight timeline to get our work done. Nothing beat the sense of satisfaction after every project taken up.” Mr Tay scintillated when ask on the reason for choosing to do business in this industry. Sure enough, even company like Hui Koon Enterprise faced challenges in the beginning phrase of the business. Capital was one of their biggest obstacles faced, in order to sustain and keep the business going a sustention amount of capital are required. Not knowing who or where to turn to, Mr Tay faced the problem head on without fear. Focusing in achieving his dream in life, Mr Tay went around seeking help from his friends through reliable network, which he builds up throughout the years. Just like a saying: “It’s Not What You Know – It’s Who You Know” – Gal Baras, Mr Tay build a strong relationship in Business through trust and faith.

“Instead of comparing yourself with your competitors, which will cause you to lose sight of goals and vision. One should focus and place their principals at the forefront.” Mr Tay emphasis. Just like in Hui Koon Enterprise, Mr Tay never fails to remind all his staff the three top principals of the company. – Responsibility, Accountability, and Integrity. With these 3 principals of the company, it is no wonder why customers will keep going back to Hui Koon Enterprise for more services. These allow Hui Koon Enterprise to differentiate and outshine them from the rest.

“In the next 5 years, our plan is to increase our profit by forty percent of what we have now. Also, I am going to train my more capable young people and give them opportunity to learn. We can’t forever keep the skill we learned to ourselves, they are the next generation of people that will bring HKE to another level.” Mr Tay revealed his upcoming plan for HKE.
“Entrepreneurship is all about creating your dream into reality. Networking and communication is very important as it helps to build bridges between people and businesses.” Mr Tay answered when asks on what entrepreneurship means to him. “You need to be realistic in your dream and in the things that you are doing, also; honesty in dealing with every customer is just as important as it will build up your company reputation.” Mr Tay advocates the young budding, entrepreneur. Mr Tay expressed his deepest gratitude to all his staffs for supporting him throughout the many years and to help build up the reputation of Hui Koon. “It’s the strong team work within the company, that enables Hui Koon to be where we are today,” said Mr Tay.

Thomas Edison once said, “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” With Mr Tay’s perspiration, without any doubt, Hui Koon Enterprise will continue to soar.

Contact Details:
33B Benoi Road Pioneer Lot
T| 6365 0558
F| 6365 5023

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