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Mr. Teo Cheng Tok

In today’s information society, the exchange of data is a crucial and an integral part of running an organization. If servers are the heart of an information network, cables are the arteries that provide the necessary pathways for data to get to where it needs to be. Often an overlooked part of the system, good cabling is not only essential where sensitive information is involved, but also when it comes to fundamental utilities such as power to a building. When done well, it strengthens the integrity of the grid and reduces overheads such as maintenance costs.

Vico Network Pte Ltd is a company that fully understands the important role of wiring and has dedicated themselves to be a trusted vendor for all forms of structured cabling solutions. These solutions range from consultation and design of infrastructure, to the implementation, testing and maintenance of cable systems. Founded in 2009, the family-owned company has grown from strength to strength, from an initial headcount of 10 employees, Vico now employs over 40 staff.

As the director, Cheng Kok places a strong emphasis on the professionalism of his employees. He highlighted that in order for Vico to differentiate itself from competitors, their front line staffs play a crucial role in providing a good first impression. This is critical to attract more business and build a stable roster of returning customers. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that their skill sets are updated to the latest industry standards.

To achieve this, Vico installers undergo training in accordance to the standards set by accredited institutions such as the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and Electronics Industry Alliance (EIA). They are well-versed in a variety of cabling solutions ranging from copper to fiber optics and are thorough in their testing and documentation of projects. In addition, these professionals are also on 24 hours standby should customers require assistance.

Vico’s installers are complemented by competent and versatile project managers. These are individuals who ensure that the project deliverables and expectations of Vico’s customers are met. Additionally, they are the only point of contact so as to minimise anxiety and confusion when receiving project updates.

Besides professionalism, Vico also prioritises employee happiness. This focus on employee satisfaction is clearly evident in the company’s staff turnover rate, which has remained low since its inception. Cheng Kok cites this as one of his proudest achievements, and takes pride in the close working relationships and friendly environment he has fostered with his employees.

The decision to strike out on your own as an entrepreneur never comes easy. For Cheng Kok, discovering entrepreneurship was a two staged process. The first, as he candidly puts in hokkien was borne out of a desire to ‘chiong’, to be as successful as he could be. However, as business grew, his interpretation of entrepreneurship grew to encompass taking up the responsibility of caring for his ‘family’, both his siblings and now by extension, his employees.

When asked for his opinion on the qualities one needed to conduct business successfully, Cheng Kok shared that he valued trust the most, citing the need to gain trust from suppliers, customers and staff in order to achieve their buy-in and complete their work.

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Vico, like many businesses they were impacted by the fluctuating economy in 2015. However, Cheng Kok draws motivation from solving problems and relishes the challenge of finding different ways to solve them. This self-dependency and can-do attitude have ensured the continued success of the company.

The waters of business can be volatile and tricky, however, Vico Network can always depend on Cheng Kok’s resourcefulness and wealth of experience to navigate them to more successful ventures ahead.

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