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Mr. Benny Tay

Illusion Design & Contract Pte Ltd is an integrated interior design firm, which specializes in retail, residential and commercial projects. Although they have been around since 2012, the company is armed with experience in more than 100 projects in producing innovative solutions. Their aim is to provide creative and unique designs with their excellent workmanship.

As the director of Illusion Design & Contract, Mr. Benny Tay possesses a strong passion for interior design and shared that he spends a fair amount of time on looking through designer books and magazine. When asked why he had decided to start up his own business, Mr. Tay cited that there was an increasing demand for interior design. However, he felt that many companies in the market lack direction. Hence, he bravely took the entrepreneurial plunge and began Illusion Design & Contract.

There were numerous challenges that Mr. Tay had to endure when he first entered the business. Initially, there was a lack of capital, which slowed down its operations. Furthermore, Illusion Design & Contract encountered a lack of designers, barring them from taking on more jobs. Thus, progress was slow and it took Mr. Tay years to build up his client base.

Despite the difficulties, Mr. Tay always looked on the brighter side of things. He went the extra mile by heading down to tertiary and arts institutions such as LASELLE during career fairs to recruit fresh and talented individuals that would become an asset to his business. With the increase in manpower, it also meant a steady rise in the number of clients as well.

On a regular working day, Mr. Tay is kept busy as he spends his day going down to project sites to supervise his staff at work, oversee its progress and give feedback and suggestions to the team. He would also meet up with clients to hear their comments or provide appropriate recommendations should they have any questions or concerns regarding their project.

Mr. Tay mentioned that Illusion Design & Contract stands out from its other competitors as their team of designers are highly capable and qualified. For every project, there would be a designer and drafter, otherwise known as a coordinator, so as to be efficient in their work and keep each other accountable. With their experience, knowledge and dedication, they will manage every aspect of each task from beginning to end to ensure that they fulfil all of their clients’ needs and expectations.

Mr. Tay also explained that they work on a pre-agreed time plan and budget. By using this approach, it will guarantee a high level of continuity, which is essential to the success delivery of every project. Regardless of the size of the project, the team of designers at Illusion Design & Contract will give each of them the same amount of attention and commitment.

Illusion Design & Contract may still be a young company but they have already achieved many milestones, including receiving accreditation from several Interior Renovation Associations for their expertise and good management in renovation and design industries. Recently, they managed to clinch a commercial project with Connection 1 at Bukit Timah, which Mr. Tay marks as his proudest attainment. Their involvement included carpentry and ceiling works.

In the near future, Mr. Tay plans to expand his business by obtaining a larger office space as well as to increase their manpower size by acquiring up to 10 designers so as to take on as many quality projects as possible.

Reflecting on what entrepreneurship meant to him, Mr. Tay stated that it is about having the determination and honesty in running a business as well as having a team of people who have the talent and a flair for what they are doing. With this, his advice for young and potential entrepreneurs is to build a top-notch business team, be known as an expert in one’s industry and know how to balance enjoying the work and taking it seriously.

In addition, he attributes his passion for interior design as his key motivation and inspiration whenever he feels overwhelmed by the challenges that come his way.

Ultimately, Illusion Designs and Contract Pte Ltd is able to succeed with everyone in the company believes in a common goal and work towards it with passion, dedication and a belief of quality services. Moreover, it is one of the few who pay attention to their work and the satisfaction of their customers. With such a combination, it is no wonder that Illusion Design and Contract is a major game changer to be reckoned with in the world of interior design.

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