Servoconnect Systems (Asia) Pte Ltd


Name of Recipient:
Ms. Fong Li Fen
Ms. Chua Hui Che

Incorporated in 2004, ServoConnect Systems (Asia) Pte Ltd is owned and managed by Ms. Fong Li Fen and Mr. Chua Hui Che. The company represents the Asia Pacific region as a value-added distributor to deliver comprehensive solutions on a variety of automation products – this includes manufacturing control equipments, system integrators for automation control systems, automation control equipments, among many others. Their name, ‘ServoConnect’ is a combination of the words, ‘Servo Motor Systems’, a product that they provide, as well as the word ‘Connect’ which speaks about connecting with customers.

Formerly an engineering student, Ms. Fong expressed that it was her fond interest in this particular trade that spurred her to start her own business. Together with her business partner, Mr. Chua, the duo worked tirelessly towards the same goal of making the company succeed. At ServoConnect, they believe in the principle of ‘adopting the right people and the right equipment’. Thus, the corporation’s team is made up of skilled and experience individuals who are committed to provide the best service to their valued clients.

Like any other small-medium enterprise, ServoConnect had their fair share of challenges when they first entered the industry. At that time, many of its competitors have already carved a prominent name for themselves in the market. In comparison to the other industry players, ServoConnect did not appeal to many of the potential customers as they were relatively new and did not hold a strong branding. Thus, it was difficult to increase the company’s client base, which resulted in low profits for them.

Despite the tough circumstances, Ms. Fong and Mr. Chua worked doubly hard to breakthrough the hard times. To overcome the obstacles, Ms. Fong constantly emphasized on delivering excellent customer service. She added, “I will always tell my employees to serve our customers with pride, regardless if they are dealing with a small or large quantity. Customers will recognize our service and remember us for it.” There will always be events that can impact the business, such as the economy situation but Ms. Fong is confident that the company has what it takes to move on quickly.

Throughout the years, the corporation has reached many milestones, including this year’s Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise Award. Reflecting on ServoConnect’s success, Ms. Fong noted that one of the few greatest business achievements was becoming a specialized distributor for a number of well-known names. Just one year after its establishment, the company was already appointed as Hitachi Drive’s PLC & Servo System as well as Carlo Gavazzi Automation Product reseller. Two years later, they were also authorized to disseminate products for Schneider Electric and Nord Gear.

According to Ms. Fong, her burning passion in this sector is what motivates and inspires her. At the same time, the strong unity of the team at ServoConnect is what keeps her going. “Although it is not easy being an entrepreneur, I highly value my team’s spirit, reminding me that I should continue to push on if I want to excel,” said Ms. Fong.

When asked to describe her typical day at work, Ms. Fong shared that she has little personal time as she has to always have to be on standby, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is evident that she puts in great effort and responsibility to her company and takes pride in her work. In Ms. Fong’s opinion, she strongly feels that sincerity is the most important factor for a person to become successful in business.

It is vivid that ServoConnect’s success is largely contributed by the dedication of everyone in the company as they hold a common belief in the need of delivering exceptional service and hard work. Along with their current victory, there is no doubt that the company, under the directions of Ms. Fong and Mr. Chua, will accumulate more success in the coming years.
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