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Ms. Yang Ruoyi

At a mere age of 26, Ms. Yang Ruoyi is a successful entrepreneur in the construction distribution industry. Launched in 2014, Transcend Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd specializes in distributing and manufacturing of construction and general building supplies. As a fast- growing trading establishment, their products includes galvanized iron wires, concrete nails, common nails, formwork accessories, protective equipment such as rubber gloves and safety goggles.

As a leading distributor across several trade channels, they provide the highest quality products with reasonable pricings. In addition, their team of professional and highly experienced staffs delivers and upholds honest business practices, thus gaining trust from many. As a meticulous and detail-oriented establishment, they assist their clients based on their needs in terms of value, quality and satisfaction.

To offer efficient and friendly service to clients is a highly valued attribute for Transcend. Establishing an amicable relationship with clients helps to promote and further strengthens Transcend’s investments. As well as keeping up with industrial standards for new products, Transcend is currently one of the few companies in Singapore that is consistently keeping up-to-date with the latest merchandises in the industry.

In this line of field, it is extremely competitive to source for the right business projects. Having worked as a purchaser before, it is expected that Ruoyi’s business peers may be hostile and highly competitive. There are seemingly remarkable companies in this field which are on constant par with Transcend. Hence, by providing equitable product quotations for their customers as well as building trust with new potential clients is their strategies to tackle these challenges.

As for expansion plans, Ruoyi plans to expand her business on a global basis. With existing plans in developing a second company, she will focus on improving new, advanced products and materials to keep up with the construction industry; such as further elevating her products’ designation. Besides strengthening their maintenance servicing and installation of products, Ruoyi strives to enhance her company services on a whole new level.

“One should possess a strong sense of determination, the willingness to learn and leading the company on the right path. Hard work is imminent, hence it is essential to always be optimistic regardless of negative circumstances,” Ruoyi strongly emphasizes. To her, entrepreneurship means exploring business tradings and markets, not giving up and always broadening its horizon. As a resolute and firm individual, she likes to do things from scratch. It provided her a sense of satisfaction; that prompts her to work even harder to expand her company.

What motivates Ruoyi was her company’s potential prominence in the industry. Transcend definitely has the tendency to gain recognitions which will be a great help towards the company’s operations for years to come. Sparing a thought for the future, her employees will therefore benefit from the knowledge and hands-on skills that they acquire with Transcend. In order to enhance their products and services regularly, they can generate more funds to source for new, better elevated materials for much superior building and construction purposes.

Under her sole management of Transcend, her daily routine includes managing of staffs, delegating and handling business projects, booking and importing of goods for her clients.  “Appreciating your staff’s loyal dedication to the company, you will be a responsible leader that can be accounted for, regardless of the circumstances,” Rouyi shared on her thoughts on being successful in running a business.

Evidently seen from Transcend’s growth since 2014, they have proven themselves a reliable and professional service provider in the construction distribution industry. Granted with the Singapore Outstanding Award, it is no doubt that Ruoyi will bring about great success to the organisation in the foreseeable future. Her genuine passion in this industry makes Transcend Group a truly principled and customer-oriented company.

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10 Admiralty Street #03-14
Northlink Building S(757695)
T| 6481 2477 / 6481 2489
F| 6481 2476


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