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Toppan FormsNames of Recipients:
Mr. Allan Leong
Ms. Caroline Wong

Documentation is a critical aspect of business that is essential in keeping a company well organized. It keeps track of information such as internal and external transactions, acting as an archival tool where records can be pulled out and reviewed. As such information can often be sensitive and essential to the running of the business, it is important that the method chosen for documentation is secure and robust.

Established in 1972, Toppan Forms (S) Pte Ltd began as a security printer specializing in cheque printing. Today, it provides a whole suite of printing and information management solutions; this includes the designing and creation of business forms, drop-out ink security forms, data print services and business process outsourcing.

Evolution is a recurring theme in the history of Toppan Forms and keeping ahead of the curve is one of the characteristics visible throughout the company’s business practices. Allan shares that although they initially started out as a manufacturer of business forms, he eventually expanded into information management as there were certain factors in the industry that complimented their role as a manufacturer.

One example that highlights this willingness to improve and innovate is Toppan Form’s launch of the first two-factor authentication (2FA) for electronic statements (e-statements) in Singapore. The service greatly improved security of e-statements and confidential documents sent via email, allowing their contents to be better protected without compromising on the convenience of sending them online.

Therefore it should come as no surprise that both Allan and Caroline believe that a successful entrepreneur requires a strong drive and fire in their belly to continue pushing the boundaries of their business. True to the spirit of their leaders, Toppan Forms stress that they are their own competition. As a testament to their continuous pursuit of excellence, one of Allan and Caroline’s crowning achievements is their long term partnership as a vendor of the CPF board for over 15 years.

As businesses become increasingly digitized and start to shift towards a paperless system, Toppan Forms is not resting on its laurels. Despite having built a strong foundation in business forms and paper-based documentation processes, the company is constantly looking to incorporate latest technology and remain at the forefront of innovation. To that end, Toppan Forms has added several cutting edge information management solutions to their already impressive repertoire; like the Intelligent Document Enterprise Archival System (IDEAS), which seamlessly integrates a centralized database with a customizable web interface, capturing data from multiple sources and making it easier to manager and understand.

Additionally, they also ensure that their electronic processes are up to date with the latest digital laws like the Evidence Transactional Act (ETA), making sure that original information given has not been manipulated when sent to customers. It is this keen eye for opportunity which has allowed Toppan Forms to diversify and expand its portfolio to provide the range of products and services they offer today. This allows them to provide a one-stop solution for their clients, bolstered by years of industry experience and an integrated in-house team, this makes for a very attractive package.

Running a company for a long period of time can be draining and it is common for some people to burn out and feel discouraged. For Allan, he finds motivation by treating the company as his second home and looking after his staff. Caroline believes in paying back the company for the opportunities provided and is motivated by the responsibility of caring for her family. Both leaders take pride in their long service employees who have been with the company for 30 to 35 years. They recount satisfaction in knowing that they have provided a rewarding environment where employees are able to see their work as a career, not a job.

Moving forward, Toppan Forms is looking to continue integrating new technologies which will better suit generation X and Y markets. One thing is for certain, with Allan and Caroline at the helm, you can be sure that Toppan Forms will continue to execute bold new ideas that push the envelope of their industry.

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