Daviscomms (S) Pte Ltd

Website: www.daviscomms.com.sg

Name of Recipient:
Mr. K. K. Liew

Daviscomms (S) Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2000 and is in the business of providing contract designs and manufacturing services for a diverse range of top quality consumer and industrial wireless telecommunication products; this includes products such as pagers, paging systems, telemetry solutions, emergency tracking devices, medical devices, mobile handheld devices and printed circuit board assemblies.

The company’s name, ‘Daviscomms’ represents the name of their parent company, ‘Davis’, while ‘Comms’ refers to the word communication. Clearly, their name displays the line of business that the corporation is involved in. Mr. Liew, founder of Daviscomms, shared that it was his desire to ‘help to bring ideas and concepts to life’ that incited him to start up this business.

Prior to the establishment of Daviscomms, Mr. Liew was one of the key managers at the multinational telecommunications company, Motorola. With that being said, Mr. Liew is armed with years of product design and manufacturing background. With exceptional skills and strong understanding in this field, he hopes to be able to inspire others to be innovative so as to contribute to today’s technology-soaked community.

Therefore, Daviscomms offers one-stop solutions for their clients, giving them the opportunity to present a concept and having the company to fulfill it. As such, clients can simply come to Daviscomms with just a piece of paper with their ideas jotted down and trust for the corporation to finish the process, from designing, followed by manufacturing and subsequently, the distribution of the end-product.

With the unique approach that Daviscomms adopts, it has left many of their clients impressed and much positive feedback has been received over the years. When asked about the company’s proudest achievements, Mr. Liew considers the satisfactory remarks from clients as one of their greatest attainments. On top of that, he is also glad that business is still able to sustain over the past 15 years despite much technology advancement.

Although Daviscomms owns a strong brand name in the industry, Mr. Liew voiced that they had in fact encountered numerous challenges when the company first started operations. Initially, Daviscomms was a name unknown to many. Thus, their clientele was limited and business was slow. To make things worse, the company experienced manpower shortage and it was difficult to get work done efficiently.

As Daviscomms started with only pagers, their ultimate challenge was to diversify and manufacture other technology-related products. Mr. Liew added that new experts had to be hired to help with the development of these new gadgets. As time went by, things slowly picked up. However, the company still faces new obstacles every other day. The recent slowdown in the economy and implementation of tighter labour policies has also affected the business adversely.

Nevertheless, tough times do not last. Mr. Liew’s determination to achieve great success for Daviscomms is evident. With the team’s co-operation coupled with Mr. Liew’s great management and work skills, Daviscomms eventually made it as one of Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprises.

As for the company’s plans for expansion, Mr. Liew divulged that Daviscomms is seeking to develop more medical products and work within the medical industry actively. Also, the company will be opening a new factory in Malaysia and continue to explore more representative offices in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

For budding entrepreneurs, Mr. Liew advises for them to always be ready to take risks and be passionate in their work. “It is very important for entrepreneurs to have foresight. You have to see ahead on what is going to happen and make decisions fast.” Under the leadership and management of Mr. Liew, we are certain that Daviscomms will continue to strive to become the market’s leader.

Contact Details
Blk 70 Ubi Crescent #01-07
Ubi Techpark S(408570)
T| 6547 1127
F| 6547 1129
E| kkliew@daviscomms.com.sg


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