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Ms. Gwendeline Toh

Armed with extensive experience, Sing International (S) Pte Ltd is a thriving establishment in the corporate apparel merchandising industry. Besides designing and manufacturing of corporate uniform & t-shirts, the company also provide custom-made and tailoring services for various industries and organisations. These include airlines, hospitals, schools, statutory agencies, F&B corporations, manufacturing companies, shipping firms, retail establishments, logistics companies, event companies and many other SMEs.

Being stringent in quality control and displaying excellent workmanship in their corporate uniform, Sing International is able to attract many clients from all walks of life. Other than fabricating corporate uniforms in standard sizes, Sing International also provides made-to-measure services to ensure the best fit for their end-users. The wide variety of uniforms Sing International supplies include corporate shirts, business pants, business jackets, corporate polo t-shirts, lab coats, coveralls, scrub suits, windbreakers, caps, aprons and the like.

Like many other businesses, obstacles met during the process of business building are inevitable. Director of Sing International, Ms. Gwendeline Toh, shared that she had to spend tremendous efforts during the initial years of business to build up her client base. After attaining business growth, the next issue is sustaining such growth and to bring the business to even greater heights. With her persistent determination and consistent hard work, Gwendeline is able to bring success to her beloved establishment till this very day.

Gwendeline’s proudest business achievement is none other than Sing International’s great milestone since its establishment, starting from zero to where they are now. It is indeed remarkable to see how the scale of the business has expanded over the years in terms of production operations, staff strength, client base, etc. Gwendeline’s ability to maintain Sing International’s excellence definitely sets a benchmark for other business peers. According to Gwendeline, being resourceful, focused, determined, flexible and open-minded is what helped her successfully sustain in this dynamic and ever-changing industry.

All these years, Sing international has always maintained their goals of supplying high quality and fashionable corporate wear at very reasonable pricings.  Sing International takes extreme pride in their meticulous tailoring and workmanship. Their products are of superb quality and customized accordingly to clients’ expectations. These factors are what made Sing International unique and different from their competitors.

“To be able to achieve what others can’t, as well as doing things out of the box or in a different manner,” Gwendeline replied when she was asked about her definition of entrepreneurship. Her typical work day consists of servicing clients, having meetings with her staff, both locally and overseas, as well as the usual administrative duties. These roles may seem repetitive but it is these basic routines that ensure smooth operations within the company, locally and overseas.

Hoping to instil some positivity into potential self-starters out there, Gwendeline encouraged: “Learn to trust the decisions you make when doing business. No one knows the situation more than you. The decision may turn out to be wrong once or twice but you know it will never happen again. Every episode is a great learning curve and it should be remembered and appreciated.”

Gwendeline’s source of motivation stems from the unwavering support from her beloved family and close-knitted groups of friends. They are always there for her through thick or thin.
Gwendeline is determined on gaining more recognition for Sing International, as well as expanding her business further to last through many more generations.  The valuable insights she gained over the years from running this business will definitely aid her in these goals. With an eminent leader at fore, Sing International shall continue to spread its wings and soar through the skies to achieve greater limit and more success in the years to come.

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