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Mr. Gay Chue Kian
Mr. Gay En Liang Benjamin

Cars have long been regarded as the most convenient mode of private transportation saving us valuable time in our commute. However, have you realized that for all the time spent in motion private vehicles actually spend a great deal of time stationary? As space becomes increasingly premium in Singapore, not only do our roads and expressways become more congested, so do our parking spaces. This presents a problem for car park owners and management; not only do they have to figure out how to make the most out of a constrained space, they are also tasked with keeping the exchange of traffic flowing smoothly within a confined area.

Enter Astro Parking Pte Ltd, the unsung heroes who take on the essential task of car park management. Their core business includes many of the quality of life touches we take for granted in modern car parks today. Some examples of these items include automated crossing gates and parking guidance systems which monitor the number of available lots and relays that information to drivers. Since 1998, Astro Parking has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that their customers have a smooth parking experience. After all, few things are more frustrating than struggling to find a lot after hours in traffic.

The story behind Astro Parking is one of determination, resourcefulness and opportunity. Having previously worked in a senior position at a car park management company for over 10 years, Mr. Gay left after a change in ownership to avoid getting embroiled in a power struggle. Throughout his tenure, he amassed a wealth of experience, built strong working relationships with his subordinates and a reliable base of contacts. It is this group of people who would eventually convince him to strike out on his own. Buoyed by their support, he decided to start his own company.

When prompted to recall some of the challenges faced when he first went into business, Mr. Gay shared a scenario where he received resistance from the tenants of a complex as they were having free parking before. Perhaps it is this experience which has inspired him to develop the customer-orientated philosophy on which Astro Parking is run on.

As Mr. Gay puts it, “A happy customer is a loyal customer.” He stresses regular communication with all of his customers, whether it is the building management, car park committee, season parking customers or building occupants. It is this willingness to connect and build rapport with people of all levels who have seen Astro Parking build its reputation as a formidable force in the car park industry.

However, while it is one thing to communicate well with customers, every business needs a strong core of dedicated employees to deliver on their promises. Astro Parking is no exception, and to that end Mr. Gay ensures that the members he selects for his team are veterans with years of experience and are the best in their field. This also means that any new members of the team will reap the benefits of having skilled mentors and good examples to follow.

To Mr. Gay, entrepreneurship means making creative use of the available resources and circumstances to make life better and enjoyable for all. He shares that a good businessperson needs to be adaptable and resourceful while stating, “When others see it’s the end of the road, you see the opening of more opportunities.” Like others who embody the entrepreneurial spirit, he stresses the importance of being self aware and having a constant search to do things better.

Astro Parking has managed to stand strong and enjoy continued success for more than a decade, weathering all sorts of challenges ranging from increasing operating costs to market saturation. This is due to their ability to build solid work relationships and commitment in maintaining them.

In the coming years, Mr. Gay hopes to continue growing the business by strengthening their stellar track record and extending tenders for public car parks. Besides that, Astro Parking is also poised to explore overseas markets, with partnerships and joint venture talks in the works.

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