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Mdm. Penny Ang
Mr. Nick Liew

Security is an assurance, a countermeasure which reduces the risk of threats and vulnerability. It is an essential element in our everyday lives. Feeling safe and secure is an insurance that applies to all individuals; especially with a recent spiral of terrorist attacks, it is in greater demand. At Danmax Security Management, they deliver excellent surveillance systems and services to our community.

Founded in 1996, Danmax Security Management Pte Ltd is a thriving firm that specializes in providing security services to several establishments in Singapore. They cater a provision of high-end security services; such as manpower management, comprehensive security systems and consultations, as well as providing security management services to residential, commercial, industrial buildings and shopping complexes.

Living up to its fame, Danmax is a member of Security Association of Singapore accredited with a Level 3 bizSAFE grade. They are committed in providing excellent security solutions, as evidently seen from their proven track record of success. Several of their reputable projects includes DHL, Kim Soon Lee, Formula One, Mapletree Properties and Starhub Green. With numerous positive testimonials from their satisfied clients, Danmax is ultimately clientele’s first choice for security installments.

Committed to the police force previously, Mdm. Penny Ang was a driven policewoman before establishing Danmax Security.  With no prior experience in security surveillance, she pursued this field under her husband’s constant support and encouragement. Eventually, the success of Danmax is passed down to her son, Mr. Nick Liew. As a General Manager of Danmax Security, Nick oversees all operations of the company.

As with any other enterprise, obstacles are inevitable. The lack of manpower poses as the biggest challenge for Danmax. They have to be proficient and strict in their hiring process; such as conducting background checks, holding an approved license and health screenings to all of their employees. This is to ensure their staffs are in an optimal health before serving the company. In this line of field, they are dependent on manpower to generate businesses. As security surveillances are needed on a 24/7 basis, it is difficult to hire the right pool of workers, due to unfavorable working hours for security personnel.

Nonetheless, with Danmax’s strong sense of perseverance, they overcame these obstacles in no time. Mass recruitments are held frequently, as well as printing job advertisements in newspapers and sending door to door leaflets. These are the actions implemented by Danmax to overcome challenges, besides promoting and expanding their services through the years.

What makes Danmax different from its competitors is their holistic approach towards providing security solutions to their clients. To have a better understanding in process planning, clients are proposed with suitable security measures to meet each of their requirements. As a one-stop security service provider, comprehensive consultation sessions, regular compliance checks and management visits will be conducted to ensure the consistency of their services.

As a visionary individual, Nick planned to enhance their in-house security services, by incorporating advanced technology such as CCTV surveillances, software and applications with live monitoring systems. For the next 5 years, these comprehensive installments will gradually bring its security awareness to the next level. With several prestigious awards, Danmax is well-recognized for their professionalism in providing comprehensive security solutions.

To Nick, being an entrepreneur means being unique, with the flexibility and capability to adapt with unexpected situations. It is about the ownership of a company, and proper leadership skills in guiding staffs to the path of eminent success. He sees his employees as a family; it’s no wonder their company has been flourishing since its inception.

The endless compliments and positive feedbacks from satisfied customers is the key that motivates the duo to work harder. Their sense of responsibility and hard work inspires them to take a further leap in developing their enterprise. “Taking the risk and accepting challenges is the first step. Dare to fail, and regardless of the challenges, keep learning and improvise,” Mr. Nick shared.

For Danmax, they aspire to be the leading pioneer in the security operations industry. Armed with a team of friendly and optimistic staffs, they will continue to instill excellence in their advanced security system and services. With their ever-growing passion and commitment, they will build an indestructible fort of security for decades to come.

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