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Mr. Steven Ang

All kids need the basics of life – food, warmth, shelter and clothing. But, they also need to feel loved and secured. By giving our children all the things they need, we can keep them safe and strong. As parents, it is without doubt that they want the very best for their children, from milk bottles, utensils, toys to the diapers they put on their bottoms. Most importantly, parents are more than willing to spend money for children, ensuring that their welfare is taken care of.

Established in 1993, Infantino Enterprise Pte Ltd believes in the importance of business ethic and having a big heart when managing business. With this philosophy, Mr. Steven Ang built a company where each product chosen is intended with love and care for the precious little ones. Infantino distributes renowned brands of infant & toddler products such as Bonbijou by Bonbebe, Baby Comfort, Diono, Galt and Munchkin.

Before Infantino was set up, Steven was working as an employee for various companies. Over a period of time, he gained much exposure, experience and knowledge. Hence, Steven felt that it was time for him to step out of his comfort zone, pushing himself to strive to his potential. Being an individual who loves children, especially babies, Steven decided to start a business focusing on infant and toddler products.

This journey has its ups and downs, starting it was not easy as there were many obstacles and barriers. As a newcomer in this line of business, Infantino needed the time to prove its product and quality. To earn the trust of the buyers and consumers is a continuous effort. Nonetheless, through perseverance and hard work, Infantino managed to convince customers of their worth and their journey started getting smoother.

After these years managing Infantino, Steven is happy and proud with the achievements and progress made by the company. Back in those early days, he had to learn the ins and outs of the business, slowly building up Infantino’s client base. Despite the hurdles met along the way, Steven mentioned that there is a huge sense of accomplishment upon creating something from scratch. He went on to further explain that he feels contented and grateful when he sees Infantino soar towards success.

To gain an advantage in the industry over their competitors, Steven is clearly aware that Infantino has to provide superior offerings. He elaborated, “Our company is concentrating on the quality of our products and services. I believe that quality matters.” Steven then added, “The type of relationship I have with my staff is important too. In all businesses, everything relies on teamwork. We need to learn how to communicate and work with each other, so as to provide the best service to our customers.”

For Steven, his main motivation and driving force behind his work comes mainly from his family and associates. “By receiving my family’s support and ensuring their continued well-being, it has given me great motivation to work harder every single day. In addition, when I see my staff developing a sense of achievement at work, I feel encouraged to continue to explore better and improvised methods of creating a challenging, yet satisfactory working environment. Along with my clients’ appreciation and acknowledgement, it pushes me even more, to strive to my very best for them, as well as, my staff.”

Steven gave his two cents for young people wanting to start their business, “Always remain humble and be hungry for knowledge or improvement. When things don’t go your way, take it with an open heart, as it is an opportunity for you to learn. You will reap what you sow as times come. Building relationships and forming your wisdom network help to create new opportunities and allow for new insight.” With certainty, Steven is a superlative role model for any budding entrepreneur out there.

Touting customer satisfaction as utmost priority, above everything, monetary reaps, fame, reputation, Steven has led Infantino Enterprise Pte Ltd on the rails to a satisfactory success. The future looks resplendent for Infantino Enterprise Pte Ltd regardless of any hitches that the company may meet in the years to come.

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