Cool D’fine Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Terry Foo

COOL D’FINE PTE LTD was incorporated on the 11th March 1998 by Mr Terry Foo and other two directors, with offices located in Malaysia, China, Indonesia and India. Cool D’fine has been successful in providing services, with special emphasis and specialization in Marine HVAC EPCC contract/Turnkey Project & Sales of Marine HVAC related products. Cool D’fine Pte Ltd provides the best turnkey solutions to our customers in the oil & gas, marine, and offshore industries. In order to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction, Cool D’fine continuously strives to improve productivity to contractual and regulatory/statutory requirements also ensuring all projects are delivered on time and within budget. Cool D’fine is also committed to developing our employees continuously in their competence and commitment so be at the top.

Nothing is always smooth at start. Bringing a roaring trade viable is always strenuous. In the past when the company initiated, it requires a large number of talents, and as a new company, it wasn’t easy to hire the right person. However, Mr Foo did not give up. Being determined, they persevered on; self-reliant. Mr Foo knew that he could only pull himself out of the hot soup. Not willing to back out, Mr Foo continued looking for experienced staffs and pull them together, putting the company on a prominent track to success.

“Do something that you are passionate about, you can only succeed that way. Success requires a long time to realize. You need to have a passion, the can- do attitude and the strength to hold on as long as you can.” Mr Foo advocated young people young budding entrepreneurs. Mr Foo’s success is a result of perseveration, innovation and perpetual amelioration to do better for customers. To be able to meet the high expectations and conceptions of clients; both their needs and wants. A strong, fervent, undying passion towards his work along with the value of empathy, resulting in an inspiring team to work along, and the ability to meet customers’ utmost satisfaction, and to gain a place in their heart, much obliged to this regard.

“We have an excellent reputation and are best known for our excellent customer services and qualitative products and workmanship, which differentiate us from competitors.” Mr Foo continued “the company is successful and has great potential for growth and for becoming a market leader.” “Our goal is to become one of the leaders in the industry in Asia.” Mr Foo paused for a moment “We intend to accomplish this goal by offering a set of products and services that meet client needs better than any competitor by utilization of state of the art technology, building a superior work-force through careful hiring and continuous training and development, closely meeting the need of each customer and by differentiating our products by offering superior service.”

Historically, the target market for our products and services has been Singapore. However, at this point, due to significant changes in the field, including increasing competition and razor thinned profits margin, a new strategic direction is warranted. “We now plan to shift our focus to our new target markets which include the rest of the world. We expect to maintain some of the current products and services, but also to add new ones.” Mr Foo explicated on his future plan for Cool D’fine.

Contact Details:
37E Benoi Road, Pioneer Lot
T| 6795 0900
F| 6795 7380

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