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Ms. Lydia Komathi

For many parents, enrolling their child into a childcare centre can be arduous affair. It is important to find a provider that not only meets the needs of the family, but is also able to offer a stable and positive environment for the child to grow. As a child’s early experiences affects their cognitive, emotional and social development, parents naturally seek a program that can mould their children into a well-rounded individual.

Established in 2010 by Ms. Lydia Komathi, Raising Champions Learning Cove Pte Ltd is a trusted provider of infant and childcare services. Situated in the east side of Singapore, the company operates two centres in Pasir Ris. Influenced by her passion for children, Lydia has been involved in childcare services since she was 16 years old. Therefore it came as no surprise when she decided to start her business as a way of giving back to the community.

Raising Champions is committed to providing quality care and education for children. Offering programmes that are based upon contemporary knowledge and studies in the field of early childhood education, the organization seeks to provide a nurturing environment where staff and parents work hand-in-hand to bring out the best in their children. For Lydia, it is imperative that her staff maintains constant communication with parents and keeps them in the loop of the on-goings at the centre. She believes in having a personal touch, consistently inviting parents to informal gatherings and conversing with them using emails or messengers.

Starting out as a service provider in the childcare industry is no easy task. Lydia recalled the initial start of her business as trying and challenging times. As a new player on the field, she had to work hard to win the trust of parents who were concerned about enrolling their children into a new centre with no track record. Raising Champions adopted a no compromise approach when it came to education, which meant having to adapt quickly to the shifting trends and requirements of Singapore’s education system.

During the period of their launch, the government at the time had rolled out several initiatives to encourage the use of second languages. This resulted in a greater demand for second language lessons, which caused Lydia to commission her team to draw up lesson plans and help teach languages like Mandarin.

This dedication to education is what differentiates Raising Champions from their competitors. Lydia trains her staff in-house ensuring that her teachers are well versed in the methodology and curriculum used by the company. Despite her duties as director she regularly engages her teachers on the ground, observing and helping them work through any difficulties they might have. She also involves her staff in discussions and takes their advice when making company decisions, which in turn enables teachers who are more invested in company goals.

Owing to recent events, Lydia expressed regret that she has not been able to spend quality time with her staff. A strong believer in taking care of her teachers and their welfare, Lydia advocates for a working environment where teamwork is highly valued. This is necessary to maintain a well-run operation where each staff can cover for another in the case of disruptions. Another benefit of this teamwork-orientated focus is to encourage empathy, a necessary trait when working with children.

In regards to future plans for the business, Lydia hopes for more of her teachers to step up and be leaders; training the next batch of educators in other centres. She also hopes to take the community spirit at Raising Champions a step further by getting parents to participate in the school’s education programmes.

Entrepreneurship is a grueling endeavor that can change perspectives and leave people jaded with their original goal. Lydia advised budding entrepreneurs to make sure that their passion is strong enough to endure the challenges they will have to face. She encouraged others to hold on to their philosophy and not compromise when faced with doubters and naysayers.

Lydia’s extraordinary passion for what she does continues to positively influence her business; Today, Raising Champions consists of highly motivated teachers working in tandem with parents to foster a strong community of support for their children. Despite managing two centres and sometimes having to wake up as early as 4.30 in the morning, for Lydia, seeing the smiles on the faces of the ‘champions’ enrolled at her school makes it all worth it.

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