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Mr. Thiagarajan

Security systems offer a peace of mind for the occupants of a building. A well run network provides robust protection without interfering with the daily operations of its residents. What many people do not realize is that good security hardware is the sum of its parts. It takes a skilled contractor to ensure that the many different components that make up a security system are working in harmony.

JKK Technologies Pte Ltd is a trusted company that provides comprehensive security solutions catered to the needs of their clients. They carry out turnkey projects, overseeing deals from initial design stages to completion and commissioning. Well versed in all aspects of handling a security system, their range of services includes the installation of new systems to the maintenance, overhaul or renovation of existing hardware. Some examples of the equipment they work with include biometric card access systems, closed circuit television (CCTV) and emergency alarms.

Founded by Thiagarajan in 2010, JKK Technologies has built a reputation as a skilled and reliable contractor. As a testament to their ability, they have served a large list of clientele from banks and government organizations, to homeowners and businesses. Some of their notable clients include Citibank, Singapore Sports Council and National Heritage Board. Thus customers can be assured that JKK Technologies are well equipped and versatile enough to meet the demands of their security needs.

One of Thiagarajan’s proudest achievements is when JKK Technologies was awarded a lucrative contract with the National University of Singapore (NUS) to implement an electromagnetic lock (EML) system for their fire doors. Thiagarajan explains that his company was selected after a series of stringent interviews and he had to compete with several of his competitors to clinch the highly desirable contract.

When asked for his thoughts on entrepreneurship, Thiagarajan shared, “Being an entrepreneur is never easy, but if you continue to experiment, stay persistent; and most importantly; always believe in yourself, you will reach your goals.” He recalls drawing inspiration from his personal journey; starting as a technical support engineer followed by a managerial position before finally deciding to set up his firm. Today, JKK Technologies has branches in India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar with future plans to set up a branch office in Indonesia. For budding entrepreneurs, Thiagarajan suggests that being well-organized and committed to your schedule goes a long way in sustaining a successful business.

An aspect of JKK Technologies that Thiagarajan highly emphasizes is customizability. To ensure that their setups are user friendly, the company takes the time to find out what the requirements of their customers are and the type of users who will be utilizing the system. Thiagarajan remembers a particularly challenging scenario in the early days of his business where the users of one of his systems were elderly and had trouble remembering how to use the product. To solve this, clear and simple instructions were given and the system was configured such that it could be operated easily.

This ability to strike a balance between user-friendliness and security is what separates JKK Technologies from the competition. In order to achieve this, the company offers a variety of alternative systems at different price points in order to cover the different budget constraints of each customer. Thus, the company is unmatched in offering cost-effective targeted solutions.

However, while it is nice to offer attractive options and packages for customers, it is futile if a company does not have the right professionals to execute and perform their services correctly. JKK Technologies ensure that their service teams consist of qualified and experienced professionals who can carry out their tasks in an efficient and effective manner. They are well-versed in after sales service and are committed to making sure that their products receive continued maintenance long after purchase. Just as good security calls for vigilance, its systems should also be checked on a regular basis to keep them functioning at full performance.

Whatever the future holds, JKK Technologies can be assured that with a dedicated leader like Thiagarajan in charge, the company will be secure and enjoy continued success in the times ahead.

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