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Rhiss InteriorNames of Recipients:
Mr. Eddie Yeo
Ms. Wincy Tang

Resoluteness, honesty, integrity, sophistication and sincerity – these are the values which form the name Rhiss Interior Pte Ltd and indicate what they strive to achieve in their work. A previous recipient of the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award in 2011, they have once again clinched it in 2015; affirming their status as a quality company providing excellent services.

Lead by Eddie and business partner Wincy, Rhiss Interior creates unique yet functional designs for living and working spaces. Eddie, Wincy and their team have completed a diverse number of residential and business projects, each specifically tailored to fit the needs and wants of their clients. For both of them, there is a sense of satisfaction in helping customers realize their dream homes, translating the design ideas of each individual and actualizing them.

Despite their continued success, both Eddie and Wincy admit that the interior design industry is not suitable for everyone. Clients are not always agreeable with the designs drafted and one must prepare to tweak them accordingly. On the flipside, there are clients who are unable to express what they want effectively and the onus is on the designer to anticipate and interpret to the best of their ability. As a result, both Eddie and Wincy maintain that the role of an interior designer demands out-of-the-box thinking, flexibility and a willingness to buck the trend.

Additionally, an aspect of the business that often gets overlooked is the management of human relationships. Some firms get so caught up with developing eye-catching designs that they forget about building working relationships with their stakeholders. Fortunately, this is something Rhiss Interior identified and addressed in the early days of their inception. They recognized the value of developing good rapport with suppliers and even customers who were initially unable to purchase their services.

Today, this emphasis on good working relationships has extended over to their employees. Eddie and Wincy work hard on creating bonds between them and their staff, encouraging them to share their troubles with each other. They stress that this is one of the key factors that differentiate Rhiss Interior from their competitors. A strong bond promotes steady and loyal staff that buy-in into the philosophy and direction of the company. In turn, this brings subtle and intangible benefits that lift the quality of service provided to clients to greater levels.

As Rhiss Interior continues to execute daring designs, Eddie and Wincy are envisioning bigger and better things for the business in the future. After launching their own shop in 2015, they are hoping to open up another outlet and recruit more staff and designers to join their current team. Besides this, they are also looking forward to exercising their creative muscles, creating more design profiles for their clients to consider. Last but not least, there are also plans for overseas projects to draw in customers from other countries.

Rhiss Interior has enjoyed continued success since its inception in 2007. When asked for some of their proudest achievements to date, Eddie and Wincy chose instead to highlight how grateful they were for team’s contribution and efforts as well as for the support from their customers. They took pride in the relationships they had built with their suppliers, citing that some of them went ahead to recommend and refer Rhiss Interior to their customers. The launch of their new shop was also a landmark moment for them, as it meant that their employees could stabilize and not have to shift around as much.

For entrepreneurs entering a partnership, Eddie and Wincy allude to chemistry between partners as an important factor to success. They explain that both parties need to establish trust and support so as to better work off each other. It also ensures that each partner can focus on their role in the business and not have to worry about what the other is doing. Both agreed that an entrepreneur needs to adopt a learning mindset and be willing to constantly challenge themselves for personal growth. On the business side of things, they stress punctuality and sincerity to customers as the most important quality to have, especially where their industry is concerned.

As living spaces become more constrained, there will be an increase in the demand for more creative, functional and aesthetically pleasing design solutions. Armed with their exceptional ability to blend flair with functionality, Eddie, Wincy and their team at Rhiss Interior will be more than capable of rising to the challenge.

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