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Mr. Ronald Gan

In the ever advancing world of aviation, commuting across the globe has never been easier. With this, there is a constant need to sought for more innovative and efficient processes.

Dynaron’s Managing director and founder, Ronald Gan is a strong advocate of innovative technology. He strongly believes in molding aviation as a whole into a more unique and prospective medium.

Founded in 1995, Dynaron Enterprises Pte Ltd specializes in the distribution of aircraft parts, supplies and support services. It has since adopted and executed the most innovative practices that the industry has to offer. Their services include aviation chain supplies, aircraft component repair and maintenance, ground support equipment, biodegradable aircraft interiors, quality cleaning chemicals as well as load moving solutions for various industries. Their highly innovative equipment is user-friendly and specifically engineered to ensure high efficiency.

Furthermore, Dynaron is an authorized representative of JAD Chemical Inc, Mototok International Gmbh, GME Aircraft Wheel, AEROGO and Levon Aviation (UK). These companies specialize in aircraft chemicals, aircraft remote control tugs, wheel changing systems, load air moving air caster equipment as well as ground support equipment respectively.

Partnership with reputable suppliers and reliable overhaul facilities, Dynaron strives to deliver a high quality, standardized and organized in-time supply of products and services to their clients. They believed in dedicated partnerships in order to succeed in implementing innovative practices to cater for the aerospace industry. With a full cooperation with these respective companies, Dynaron could further flourish their expertise in overhaul, fabrication, distribution system and inventory management.

Founder of Dynaron, Ronald, has developed an immense passion for the aerospace industry since young. Thus, he had the desire to establish a prestigious company that caters to meet the ever-growing needs in the aviation field. Besides delivering aviation products globally, their ultimate vision is to keep aircrafts flying while reducing unnecessary costs at the same time. From the excellent services that Dynaron provides, this company has indeed received countless positive feedbacks and compliments from satisfied clients.

Potential clients frequently reached out to Dynaron Enterprises with business prospects, as well as seeking a long-term professional collaboration with them. With plenty of opportunities, the company could further develop their business internationally.

The ability in sustaining his business was the proudest achievement for Ronald. “It is the recognition of our services that sparks the brand of Dynaron. With passion and determination, I am willing to dedicate my efforts in developing my business. It is an achievement for me when my clients are happy and satisfied,” Ronald shared proudly.

Dynaron is a company that has a specific and distinctive meaning; it is to merge the idea of ‘Dynamic’ and his name ‘Ronald” into one. Hence the stated company name; Dynaron Enterprises. To Ronald, entrepreneurship meant setting a good example as an upstanding leader. “If you have the guts and capability, dare to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.” Ronald voiced.

Passion is what ignites Ronald in dedicating to his work. To say that he enjoys his work is an understatement, as he went to a far extent of delivering his client’s products personally. With great commitment in his line of work, Ronald gained support from many, whom they highly encouraged him to pursue and venture further. “Where your heart is, your wealth will be.” This is an all-time quote that Ronald believes strongly, as it motivates and inspires him to be a successful entrepreneur that established a thriving company in the aviation field.

Influenced by his father’s dedication and support, Ronald believes that proper planning and preparation is needed to sustain a business in the long-term. Having the patience and tenacity is essential throughout the arduous journey as well, as it will determine the outcome of a success payoff. Ronald emphasize strongly on these values for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Within the next 5 years, Dynaron planned to increase their manpower support and to provide professional trainings to enhance their staff’s technological skills and knowledge in this field. Evidently seen from Dynaron’s timeline of successful projects, this thriving establishment would eventually become the pillar of the dynamic aviation industry.

Originated from a mere dream by one individual, Dynaron’s success stands out as a true testament with Ronald’s dedication and excellent leadership skills. Proudly accredited with the Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award, it sets yet another rewarding milestone for the company.

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