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Mr. Roger Phua

In today’s community, many security measures are taken to ensure the safety of a place – be it at home, school, work or even public places. Surveillance cameras, otherwise known as closed-circuit televisions (CCTV), are widely used for security purposes. In fact, it may even help to prevent and deter crime. For instance, installing cameras in retail stores might make the potential thief think twice about stealing, for fear of being caught. Thus, having such devices may help heighten the security at one’s desired location.

RH Synergy (S) Pte Ltd, founded by Roger Phua, is a one-stop security solutions provider. The company specializes in the field of surveillance systems such as CCTVs, Access Control, PA Systems, Auto Barrier Systems, Intercoms, Intrusion Detection and many other security schemes. Since 2006, they have formed a strong presence in Singapore and Malaysia as well as delivered complex projects in various nations. Besides that, RH Synergy is aggressively penetrating into other regions in Asia, including China and Taiwan, acting as a Security Design & Build Consultant (D&B).

Throughout the years, the company has achieved significant growth and attained several other awards. This includes the Successful Entrepreneur Award, Top 30 Respected Enterprises Award as well as the Asia Excellence Award. Also, the corporation was certified with bizSAFE level 3 on 2 February 2012. On top of that, RH synergy was licensed by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) to operate as a Security Service Provider and listed under the Security Systems Association of Singapore (SSAS). These accomplishments clearly display the company’s ability to excel and reach greater heights.

Managing Director, Roger Phua, started this business at the young age of 25. He divulged that it was his interest in security systems that spurred him to make this big decision. More that than, it was an industry that would offer many opportunities and there are countless of systems that the company can diversify into. However, setting up a business is not as easy as it seems. As a matter of fact, it requires much work, time and patience. RH Synergy has gone through plenty faces of adversity before becoming who they are today.

In the early days of business, Roger shared that it was challenging for him to grow his customer base as people doubted his credibility and were not comfortable dealing with a young businessman. “As we are dealing with security systems, it is very important that our customers trust us,” revealed Roger. Hence, he ensures that the team at RH Synergy is knowledgeable and is able to deliver their services in a professional way. Along with that, employees are sent for courses regularly to upgrade themselves. By doing so, customers will feel more at ease when they engage the company’s services.

To set RH Synergy apart from the other industry players, the company has imposed affordable prices for their services, allowing them to have a pricing advantage from the rest. This has also allowed the company to have better control on execution timing. Additionally, the engineering group also takes charge of the A&A work, increasing productivity at the workplace. Above all that, RH Synergy is a total security solutions provider, offering not just one or two, but majority of the security systems available.

When asked what motivates and inspires him, Roger said that he always sets a target for himself and work towards it. He explained, “When I first became an entrepreneur, there was no day and night. My schedules were hectic but it is now more manageable as I go nearer to my goal.” To end off, Roger advised aspiring entrepreneurs to not give up easily whenever they encounter rough circumstances, “If you want to make it, you have to work for it and you cannot afford to be lazy.”

For the next few years, Roger is looking into publicly listing the company and widening its operations overseas. With a proficient leader at helm, there is no doubt that the company will continue to reach greater milestones in the near future. By then, the Singapore Outstanding Enterprise award would probably be just one of the many awards that the company has successfully attained.

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