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Mr. Edgar Yeo

Workplace safety procedures are mandatory for the well-being of both employers and employees. A severe injury or death that occurred during work could change the lives of many – including families, friends and even co-workers. Every individual who leaves for work in the morning is expected to return home at night in good health. Can you imagine receiving a call only to know that your loved one is in the hospital and might never walk again? Hence, it is important for leaders of an enterprise to ensure necessary measures are imposed so as to protect the safety concerns of today’s corporate community.

In Singapore, the Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) has initiated a five-step programme, bizSAFE, to aid companies in building up their workplace safety and health capabilities in order to establish quantum improvements in safety and health standards. Through this course, companies will benefit greatly, as the bizSAFE certification serves as a representation of a safe and healthy workplace. Furthermore, it will help gain industry recognition and boost the business branding with the bizSAFE logo, increasing the business’s competitive edge.

Founded in 2015 by Edgar Yeo, Glowcents Enterprise Pte Ltd is one professional consultancy firm that offers bizSAFE programmes from level 1 to STAR for all types of businesses. On top of that, the company provides certification for international standards, specifically, ISO 9001 as well as 14001 to 18001. Glowcents is also able to render assistance to corporate groups facing problems with the current documentation requirements on safety. That being said, the company aims to provide the proper consultation needs and deliver exceptional customer service to every organization that reaches out to them.

Today, Glowcents is one of the rising names within its industry, assisting a multitude of companies in Singapore. However, the company’s success did not come without hardship. When Glowcents first started its operations, they had a shortage of manpower and finances were tight. Moreover, the economy experienced a slowdown, making it tougher to sustain business. Nevertheless, Edgar did not give up in the face of adversity. Despite the tough circumstances, the team at Glowcents worked tirelessly to excel.

To combat the manpower crunch, Edgar relied on recruitment portals to seek for skilled individuals. Additionally, attractive schemes were offered to retain existing and new employees. When asked what distinguishes Glowcents from its competitors, Edgar mentioned that the company has came up with additional services such as customized trainings, to set them apart from the rest. Their personalized classes will be conducted at their client’s premises so that their customers are able to reduce the loss of operation hours. According to Edgar, many companies focus mainly on construction or engineering companies and do not offer such initiatives.

“At Glowcents, we have the knowledge and resources to cater to a wide range of industries, not restricting ourselves to only one or two types of businesses. We believe that workplace safety is necessary not only for a particular industry but for all,” said Edgar. Plans for expansion are also on the cards as Edgar plans to expand their workforce and input more services with relation to workplace safety.

As a parting message, Edgar advises aspiring entrepreneurs to be patient and determined so that they can reach their desired goals. “An entrepreneur also has to hold great responsibility for everything that they do as everyone in the workplace will look up to them. When things get rough, try to look on the brighter side of things because sunshine will always come after rain.”

The future of Glowcents certainly looks promising. With a capable leader taking charge, there is no doubt that the company will continue to climb on the ladder of success and reach greater heights in the future.

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