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Names of Recipients:
Mr. Ng Chee Sai
Mr. Ng Chee Tong
Ms. Ang Beng Choo
Mr. Sam Loh Joo Huak
Mr. Ng Chee Kiu

Rebranded in 2008, San Keong Construction Pte Ltd is an establishment that specializes in wet architectural trades. Their services includes panel erection, brick walls, plastering, tiling, partitioning and painting. Previously named as San Keong Construction Services, they are actively involved in the construction of commercial and industrial buildings, as well as minor renovation works for several institutions in Singapore.

With an everlasting passion for the architectural industry, this team of optimistic individuals decided to venture out and instituted their own company. With previous experiences and expertise in this field, they could propose better services to clients. Being involved in key projects brings recognitions and acknowledgements to San Keong. Their involvement in projects includes Sentosa Cove, Starhub Green Building, as well as the notable Singapore Freeport at Changi Airport, as Asia’s first high security storage facility.

To the founders, entrepreneurship meant contributing to the nation by enhancing industrial developments and building finer facilities. It requires a well-built and firm construction ensemble, hence a team of optimistic and skilfull personnel is essential. For San Keong Construction, their most notable achievement was the staff increment from a decade of operations. From beginning till now, its company fame is earned with sheer hard work, perseverance and sturdy determination from a team of 5 boldly inspired individuals.

Quoting a reasonable pricing for clients and handling their demanding requests are few of their challenges. When it comes to finalizing projects prior to deadlines, it wears out their employees with multiple projects to be completed at the same time. This may be too stressful for them as it affected their working environments.

By dealing with challenges, this group of entrepreneurs learnt that one should not shy away as obstacles arises. Asking help from others may seem like a chore, however it is the tough initiation that their clients highly admires. Working overtime to meet deadlines is also inevitable at times. Living by this motto, “To give and take is a must, one must sacrifice in order to gain something much more worthy”, San Keong constantly delivers quality service for all of their clients.

As for expansion plans, they are keen to entrust their company to the younger generations. In addition, they have plans in enhancing their designing portfolio and construction services. Their staffs will be required to attend professional courses to further enhance their knowledge and skills in the architectural industry.

Family is a highly valued aspect for the founders. It is what motivates and drives them to develop San Keong Construction further in the industry. In this line of field, it is expected to have demanding requests from their various customers. By attending to them and solving those issues, it indeed inspires the company to improve themselves better in terms of their service deliverance. They strived to provide well-rounded solutions to deliver excellent customer service to their valued customers. Besides visiting construction sites and attending site meetings, the company conducts inspections frequently to ensure a smooth operation within its staffs and clients.

As far as it goes, having the resilience in dealing with negative setbacks and challenges is essential. Being honest and straightforward allows clients to have a positive impression with the company. This will gain their confidence and improve the level of trust. In return, it results to a long commitment of projects.

Building and sustaining a strong relationship with suppliers helps to establish a dedicated sense of partnership between business peers. “Refrain from being too calculative, try not to place too much emphasis on money,” Mr. Ng highlighted. These honorable and selfless qualities are needed for optimistic individuals out there who are keen in starting their own unique businesses.

With their proactive attitude in bringing out the best for their business, San Keong Construction Pte Ltd will ultimately establish a prominent name for itself in the industry. With superiority in their services and sheer determination, this company has reaped definite success through years of hard work. Clearly, this establishment will soar to greater heights in the foreseeable future.

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#05-21, Northstar @ AMK
T|6570 1868
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