Goldin Shipping Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Daniel Tee

Ross Perot; the founder of Electronic Data System (EDS) demonstrated the attitude exemplifies the power of tough-minded commitment – not only his own but also that of the Master Mind with which he surrounded himself. He had a burning desire for wealth, and he achieved it. Before he started EDS, he had been working for IBM and was the top sales person at that time. However, he was inspired by a vision of what could be. His success clearly demonstrates that by sticking to his dream, and transmitting that dream to a team of experts – a Master Mind- who have the know-how to help make it a realization, which eventually leads to his success and wealth.

Soon they entered into largest contract competition in the computer industry with IBM. IBM was far richer as compared to EDS and had staff that is more experienced and knowledgeable group of specialists. Not wanting to back down by the situation Perot motivated the team with a nice low voice saying, “We are going to beat them seven to zero.” That’s the day they won! Perot truly believes that the immense satisfaction of knowing that by their hard work and creativity, they beat the best in the world. That’s what makes a company great – a team working together as a Master mind to beat the opposition.

Just like Perot, Mr Daniel Tee started Goldin Shipping in the year 1995, despite the fact that there are many big shipping companies in Singapore. Mr Tee knew very well that once believe that it can be done; it can be done. William James once said, “The greatest discovery of my generation is that human being can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.”
Despite of the competition, Goldin Shipping Pte Ltd now own a Goldin Logistics Hub at 6 Pioneer Walk. Goldin shipping was set up as a subsidiary of Goldin Enterprise Pte Ltd. In 2008, Mr Daniel Tee decided to take over and expand services to include Handling of break bulk cargo (UC handling), Uncontainerised (UC) and Out Of Gauge (OOG) Transportation and Ship husbandry (Agency Services). “I want to establish myself so that when people talk about the company, they will think of my name.” Mr Tee added.

Over the years, Mr Tee noticed that there is a niche in this area of expertise, and since young he was always curious and amused by how these big logistics company moves big bulky Cargo from one point to another. From curiosity, it eventually became his passion as he started exploring this industry. Soon, Mr Tee then decided to step into this industry. “In order to differentiate our business with other big players out in the market, we must be professional and be able to adapt to changes quickly. We must be responsive to all our customers’ complaint and request as well ” Mr Tee exemplifies.

Being a young entrepreneur like Mr Tee could also be quite challenging, many will not trust a young person in handling the job as some may felt that he is incapable. However, this does not discourage him but instead spur up Mr Tee to read up on the sea-man ship to understand the out of slinging and rigging and to do on-job training onboard ship. Mr Tee will always take the picture of every project he did be it big or small, this allow him to use photo to convince his customers. A picture worth a thousand words. The shipping industry is going through another tough year with raising bunker cost and over supply of capacity, but there is always opportunity lies in the midst of difficulty. Mr Tee is intending to use this opportunity to go into the oil and gas related industry.

“To me personally, entrepreneurship is not to talk the talk, but walk the walk, we need to understand the workers and to be in their shoes. I won’t denial that business is all about money, but we need to have a passion in the things that we are doing.” Mr Tee continued “Passion alone determine what we should or should not do, because it enables one to overcome all obstacles.”
“Don’t be afraid of failure, learn from your mistake. Behind every successful man, there are a lot of unsuccessful events.” Mr Tee advices for young entrepreneurs.

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No 6 Pioneer Walk Goldin Logistics Hub
T| 6273 3003

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