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Ms. Cindy Sng

In today’s digital age, storing and retrieving documents online is a convenient and cost-efficient affair. Albeit the usefulness of using online services, one should also keep in mind that not all documents are able to be stored virtually. Furthermore, many individuals still prefer to keep a hard copy of their documents instead of having a computerized version, as they fear of the security lapses that may occur.

DataSafe Records Management Pte Ltd, founded in 1996, is a trusted company that provides one-stop solutions for remote corporate information storage and management. Leveraging on the expertise of their parent company, UBTS Pte Ltd, as well as the demand for active file management and storage, DataSafe was formed to deliver exceptional services including document storage, file management, secure shredding, imaging, document destruction, media tape backup storage and related archive services.

Since its establishment, the company has served a multitude of clients and has met above 90% occupancy rate. However, DataSafe’s success did not come without trials and tribulations. In the early days of business, the corporation had no credentials to back them up, making it difficult for them to convince customers to store their documents offsite with them. On top of that, not many people were knowledgeable on archival services then. With a meager customer base, it was hard for the company to fully optimize their resources.

Despite the challenges, DataSafe was always seeking for ways to boost its business. One initiative was to ensure consistency in promoting the advantages and benefits of offsite corporate document management with their clients. In fact, the company goes the extra mile to educate customers of the potential pitfalls that can occur when opting for a self-access storage solution. While the self-access storage option may give customers the convenience, it may also permit unauthorized access and is time consuming for managing and accessing. Besides, customers may even have to pay for the space that is unutilized.

At DataSafe, they are fully committed to provide an excellent customer experience and emphasize greatly on carving a solid foundation of trust and integrity with their clients. Apart from delivering a personalized archiving service, the team at DataSafe also offers post-sales services. To add on, the corporation keeps their communication open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, responding promptly with time-to-market solutions. With their value-added services, there is no surprise that DataSafe is seeing a phenomenal growth in their corporate active file management services.

As the costs for manpower and rental space rises, the company is seeing a very positive growth in their customer base and increasing interest in their digitizing and archiving services. That being said, DataSafe is actively trying to secure lease land from Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) so as to accommodate more clients and services. In the years to come, the corporation will also be adding better state-of-the-art and technologically advanced equipment to ride the wave of digital growth. Additionally, plans are in the pipeline to expand overseas with their corporate document archiving services.

To Cindy, entrepreneurship is all about finding the right resources and creating and matching them with opportunities for business expansion. After being an entrepreneur for two decades, she shared that a successful businessperson requires ‘integrity, commitment and a passionate resilience’, so as to see the business through difficult times. Cindy later cited Mr. Jimmy Ng, founder of UBTS, as her source of inspiration as he provided great foresight and holds great understanding of business needs.

With a dedicated director like Cindy taking the lead, it is without doubt that greater success is on the horizon for DataSafe.

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