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Ms. R Maha

Renowned for its ‘clean and green’ environment, Singapore is now ranked among the top cleanest countries in Asia. From a developing nation of poor environmental standards and polluted rivers, it has successfully morphed into a sophistication of hygiene and cleanliness.

Co-established by Mr. N. Guna in 1983, it  is now solely managed by Ms. R Maha. Cosmopoliton Kleaning Services has been delivering a clean, speckless and polished environment for our community. As a fast-growing sanitation company, they offers cleaning services for residential and landed properties, private schools, corporate offices,commercial and industrial buildings.

Recommended by many, spring cleaning services are provided as well during festive periods, such as the annual Chinese New Year. Their nature of business includes upholstery and carpet care maintenance, floor waxing and polishing, landscaping services, high-rise external windows and walls cleaning services. Basically, Cosmopoliton Kleaning offers a well-rounded solution for their clients.

Impelled by an immense passion for the wildlife, Ms. Maha used to worked with animals. She decided to venture and seek an entirely new profession by managing the internal operations of a company. Encouraged by her husband, she is now a full-time operation and sales director of Cosmopoliton Kleaning.

The biggest hurdle through her entrepreneurial journey was the lack of technological gadgets. With just an outdated typewriter, it leads to a lug in business operations due to the endless amounts of pending paperworks. Investing in computers was one of their best decisions, as it instantly elevates their productivity and efficiency within the company.

As their employees are the biggest assets of the company, Cosmopoliton Kleaning takes extreme pride in coaching them professionally. Personnel are ensured to be well-versed in their respective jobs duties, as well as speaking fluent English. Therefore, their staffs are exceedingly knowledgeable and skillful in sanitization tasks.

“With devoted love and patience, nothing is impossible,” a highly relatable quote for Ms. Maha, she tackles challenges optimistically and does not get back-pedaled in any circumstances. Evidently seen from her strong sense of perseverance, this particular establishment is definitely advancing rapidly above their peers. This is an attribute that differs Cosmopoliton Kleaning from any other competitor in the industry.

As for expansion plans, Ms. Maha envisioned to entrust the family business to her beloved daughter. She believes that the new generation will have fresh perspectives which could further drive the company to its prominence. With years of experience in the industry, Ms. Maha decided that an investment in cleaning machineries would be a great addition to the company. In terms of staff developments, they will be required to attend professional courses. Their skills and expertise will be acknowledged, as well as a secured livelihood and prolonged continuity in the industry.

In this particular field, most projects are on contractual basis for a minimum period of five to ten years. As evident from the long collaboration terms, clients were pleased with their outstanding services. With dedicated employees serving the company for more than a decade, their efficiency and enthusiastic working attitude is precisely what clients commended on. Notably, this is one of their proudest achievements to date.

“Maintaining our company’s fame and status is of utmost importance, as well as the competence in work juggling. There is no challenge we can’t overcome, as with these challenges, we will further improve as a company,” Ms. Maha shared as to what she thinks about entrepreneurship. As for inspiration, it is none other than her husband who motivates her from the very beginning.

Her typical day includes inspecting work sites, visiting clients, as well as providing support to her staffs. As for unforeseen circumstances, if customers called after working hours as late as 2am, Ms. Maha is on an absolute standby.  Especially in the F&B field, it is no doubt that they require substantial sanitation services. Hence, several demanding requests are expected and Ms. Maha will physically attend to them herself.

“My husband is a very attentive individual, he attends to enquiries even when he is not supposed to work. He is definitely a 24/7 fellow whose energy never ceases. It is exactly these little tasks that fires the intensity to strive me further to develop this company,” Ms. Maha stated a matter of factly.

Evidently, Cosmopoliton Kleaning is a company which chooses to let their services speak for themselves. With hard work, experience and expertise, Cosmopoliton Kleaning has firmly established themselves as a leading company in their industry. Under Ms. Maha’s capable leadership, Cosmopoliton Kleaning will perpetuate to be one of the most prominent pioneers in the sanitation industry.

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