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Ms. K Latha

Having a strong belief in supporting the needs of their valued customers, SM2 Consultancy Pte Ltd was established in 2013 to provide professional and valuable services under the scope of auditing, consulting and training. With qualified auditors and consultants who have accumulated many years of experience and technical expertise, the team specializes in industries such as construction, oil, metal making, semiconductor, shipbuilding and ship repair.

In SM2, their consultants leverage on the diversity of their knowledge and experiences to provide optimizing solutions. On the other hand, SM2’s auditors are equipped with vast exposures, enabling them to analyze the situations to provide improved monitoring and mentoring plans for the industries.

According to Ms. K Latha, she encountered various challenges during the initial establishment of the company back in 2013. One of the primary obstacles was the manpower issue. As the industry is blooming, it has become more competitive and difficult for companies like SM2 to have a competitive advantage. Resultantly, it was harder for them to retain their employees. Ms. K Latha further added that it was indeed tough on her in the beginning, but she worked closely with her team, figuring ways to make things work well.

Since its inception, SM2 has been garnering favourable reviews from customers. They continue to offer their services with pride because of all the encouragement and kind words from their customers. Evidently, this is a company that not only provides superior services; it also does so with a heart. Throughout the years, the company is often acclaimed for their heedful and driven professionalism.

SM2 is able to differentiate their services from others in the industry because they are more than willing to extend services to customers, even though they are not paid for doing so. Moreover, Ms. K Latha gladly shared that the company is able to offer quality services at a very competitive price. Eventually, the ability to offer good services at a reasonable price has endeared many customers to the company.

In Ms. K Latha’s opinion, a successful businessman needs to be sincere, dedicated and thoughtful towards his customers. Ms. K Latha strongly believes that being sincere and humble aids in building good relationship between entrepreneurs and clients over time. Showing how dedicated the team is to their jobs and the services which they can provide, helps the company to reassure their customers. Ultimately, this sense of sincerity and tenacity will enable entrepreneurs to attain the level of success they have in the near future.

With its rapid ascension in the industry, SM2 is showing no signs of slowing down just yet. Planning to expand globally, Ms. K Latha foresees bringing their name to countries such as Philippines. On top of that, Ms. K Latha also hopes to be able to provide services to the food industry, just like what SM2 has been doing for other industries.

With her advices all coming from her personal experiences, Ms. K Latha has indeed learnt much from her entrepreneurial journey and used the knowledge to lead the company to much achievements. Clearly, it is with a good amount of confidence and unshakeable belief that SM2 Consultancy Pte Ltd is the success that we see today, and what it will be in the future. Under the leadership of Ms. K Latha, there is little doubt that SM2 Consultancy Pte Ltd will continue on this vein of success for the years to come.

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152 Jalan Basar #06-01
Coyuco Building S(208870)
T| 8282 8186


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