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Horizon Fast FerryName of Recipient:
Mr. Jimmi Ho

Initiated in 2012, Horizon Fast Ferry Pte Ltd was previously known as Prima Ferries. Along with the arrival of newly-built vessels which was introduced to provide new comfort for their passengers, Prima Ferries was renamed as Horizon Fast Ferry. Upon securing the most competitive route in Southeast Asia between Singapore and Indonesian island of Batam, Horizon Fast Ferry ensures that they offer the most value-for-money choice to those who are intending to travel to the beautiful city of Batam. Placing emphasis on their slogan, ‘Horizon, your comfort choice’, Horizon Fast Ferry aims to provide a premium ferry ride, making every customer’s trip a luxurious and enjoyable one.

On 5 November 2015, together with Horizon Fast Ferry, the first vessel, ‘Horizon 9’ was introduced to the public and began her operation. ‘Horizon 9’, ‘Horizon 8’, ‘Horizon 7’ and ‘Horizon 6’ are the newly-built vessels of Horizon Fast Ferry. They have a huge capacity for 238 passengers in total, consisting of a main deck seating for 208 passengers, an exclusive upper deck for 30 passengers as well as a private salon for 4 VIPs. Having such amazing designs within the vessels, Horizon Fast Ferry is confident of bringing a unique sea ride experience to their customers.

What makes Horizon Fast Ferry so prominent is none other than the cozy and spacious environment of its ferries. According to the shareholder of Horizon Fast Ferry, Mr. Jimmi Ho, by designing an exclusive seating plan on the upper deck, the business class, it aids in creating a pleasant ambience with low noise level even when the ferry is travelling at its high speed. Adding on, passengers have the opportunity to appreciate the vast horizon view while enjoying the friendly services on board.

Passengers can also choose to upgrade themselves to VIP room, whereby there will be more privacy for them. Being in the business class and VIP room allows passengers to board and disembark the ferry before the rest. Certainly, this clearly depicts Jimmi’s and his team’s determination to make an extra effort, so as to provide the best to their customers.

To Jimmi, his main source of motivation basically comes from his father, who is the founder of Horizon Fast Ferry. Jimmi shared that his father used to push him, constantly reminding him to try his best at all times. By showing and guiding Jimmi along on how things should be done, Jimmi’s father is indeed a good role model for him to take after and learn from. Resultantly, Jimmi looks up to him and sees him as his inspiration all these while.

Jimmi then spelled out the required qualities for a person to be successful in entrepreneurship. In his opinion, Jimmi strongly agreed that entrepreneurs need to be determined in what they are doing. He added, “To start a business, it’s not just working from morning to evening. You should get involved in everything, wishing and hoping that there are more than 24 hours a day. It is a form of dedication, a sense of commitment which you have to have for your company.”

Jimmi also gave an outlook on the expansion plans ahead of Horizon Fast Ferry. Very soon, the ferry operator will introduce its quick ticketing system to the public, thus making things more convenient for passengers. Jimmi mentioned that he hopes to bring Horizon Fast Ferry to other islands of Indonesia, if possible. He will need to observe the market and see if there is a demand, before deciding on how to further expand the company.

Impossible is nothing, so is success; even when the situation is appalling. Success will prevail, as long as one starts by doing what is necessary; and then do what is possible. Horizon is definitely a prodigious example in this respect. With such a supreme leader at fore, Horizon Fast Ferry shall be able to fulfil its onus and goal of leaving a mark in generations to come.

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