SID Solutions Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Ng Cheong Soon

Established in September 2013, SID Solutions Pte Ltd is a trusted local company which provides building contract services mainly on seepage detection, improvement work as well as defect repair to customers. SID Solutions specializes in seepage detention, assisting their clients to solve their seepage problems and providing them with solutions. Founder of SID Solutions, Mr. Ng Cheong Soon explained that this was how the name of the company came about. The alphabets, ‘S’, ‘I’ and ‘D’ are initials of the services which the company is providing to the public.

As its logo states, SID Solutions aims to be the ‘trusted contractor to meet clients’ needs’. To achieve this aim, the company ensures that they offer solutions-oriented service contract works to customers, while placing emphasis on integrity and quality. As an employee-based company, SID Solutions values the importance of hiring suitable and appropriate individuals to work with the company where employees determine their income via commission. Mr. Ng believes that teamwork and trust enable them to deliver their promises to customers, producing positive results at the end of the day.

Back in the early days, Mr. Ng was helping out with his family’s business. Thereafter, he moved on to work in various industries, trying out and gaining experience from different jobs after his family business ended. Until one fine day, he noticed that there is an increase in residential buildings; this means that these building will eventually turn old and face certain issues such as water seepage. In such situations, residents will have to approach individuals who are specialised in solving these seepage problems for assistance. As a result, Mr. Ng saw the demand for a company like SID Solutions to be established.

Life is always not a bed of roses when running a business. Mr. Ng said that the company faced certain typical challenges during its initial stages. Manpower was the main issue he came across. He revealed that it was not easy to find and hire the right candidates. As the company is new to the industries, introduction of company services to management was also a challenging issue via colds call and site visits to help to establish reputation. Mr. Ng was not yet ready to throw in the towel though. Being determined to bring success to SID Solutions, he worked tirelessly round the clock, burning midnight oil to attempt to cover all the areas that needed fine-tuning and left no stones unturned. With customers returning back for their services and word-of-mouth recommendations, the business started to pick up swiftly for the company.

With the goal of retirement by the age of 50, Mr. Ng hopes that he is able to have more time to concentrate on other aspect of his life. He will have to find a business system to apply to SID Solutions whereby the business is still able to proceed as usual without him being present. As company growth, SID Solutions is looking forward to acquire properties in the near future to bind as part of the expansion.

Today, things have metamorphosed dramatically, as compared when SID Solutions started. Mr. Ng expressed his sense of satisfaction, indicating that the company has established and maintained good relationships with customers over these years. By learning along the way while managing the company, Mr. Ng came to understand more about SID Solution’s strengths. With such information, he is able to fully utilise their strengths and brainstorm for ideas to further improve the company’s level of productivity.

To Mr. Ng, entrepreneurship simply represents the desire which every businessman has to start up and manage a company of his own. He feels that it is a requirement for the respective individual to source for his own team before setting up a company. Mr. Ng highlighted, “With the help of your team members, you are no longer alone in this entrepreneurial journey. You can always turn to them for assistance. They will stand by you and provide you with support whenever needed. This is why entrepreneurs will definitely need a team of players to lead them to success.” Mr. Ng also agrees that entrepreneurship symbolizes a group of people from all walks of life, working together as a team, to achieve a common goal or mission at the end of the day.

Mr. Ng also gave his viewpoint on a successful entrepreneur. He stated that entrepreneurship is not just for the sake of starting our own companies to make more money. It is our duty to help our country growth and progress from the result of entrepreneurship, where our fellow countryman is presented with opportunity based on their strength to serve the company. Mr. Ng commented, “A successful entrepreneur strives his best and is always hungry for success. He should possess a never-say-die attitude, and most importantly patience for success to come by. You need to be persistent because in business there will always be problems and your job as an owner is to solve these problems one after another. Like life, an entrepreneurship comes with highs and lows. You need to survive through the lows to succeed.”

Plans of expansion are on the mind of the founder to bring SID Solutions as a listed company in Singapore by 2023. Mr. Ng mentioned that he will grow and improve the company’s performance and system in the near future, bringing in more businesses and customers. SID Solutions has come a long way from its initiation. The company is a result of heart, passion and soul. With Mr. Ng’s passion for business and his success spurring him on, we have no doubt that he will continue to do the same for SID Solutions. A friend of Mr. Ng said, “You only live once. Why live an ordinary life if you can have an extraordinary life?”

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30 Kallang Place
#05-09 S(339159)
T| 9646 0320
F| 6298 7193


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