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Ms. Geanie Lee

Established in 2010, Ecorecom Branding Pte Ltd specializes in multi-platform business management tools and marketing solutions. They provide in-house enterprise softwares for desktop and mobile platforms giving business owners unparalleled flexibility when it comes to managing their brand’s online presence as well as day-to-day operations. These tools are complemented by a range of marketing services from strategy consultation to designing collaterals and executing digital campaigns.

Ecorecom Branding’s services offer a great way for new or existing businesses to enhance their online presence and engage meaningfully with their customers. Founded by Ms. Geanie Lee, the company successfully combines the practicality of business tools with marketing flair to give their clients the best of both worlds. A driven individual, Geanie chose to start her own business as she was not satisfied with being a housewife and wanted to continue progressing her career. Drawing from her extensive background in marketing and advertising, Geanie and her team are well-versed in helping their clients craft effective messages that reach out across a variety of digital platforms.

Websites are the face of a business in the online marketplace. A good website allows small businesses to punch above their weight, presenting a cost-effective way to advertise and differentiate themselves from competitors. Ecorecom Branding develops websites that are customized according to each client’s requirements, from its design to its features and applications. Equipped with a robust content management system, business owners can take full control of their site through a smart, easy to use and intuitive interface compatible with their mobile phones. The system offers features such as SEO friendly URLs, Google analytics and integration with social media. Additionally, Ecorecom Branding ensures that clients are trained in how to use the system and provide technical support.

When building a strong online presence, it is not enough to simply have a compelling website. It is critical for companies to have effective social media management working in tandem with their website, so as to drive traffic between the two. As a result, Ecorecom Branding services also cover the management of Facebook pages. This includes creating the page itself, maintaining regular content updates and running campaigns to pull in new fans and interact with existing fans. Campaigns are also followed by detailed reports so business owners can have a clear picture of the results. Clients can trust Geanie and her team to optimize social media content to better target their audiences and improve customer engagement.

After establishing a strong online brand presence, businesses need a way to convert viewership into sales. Ecorecom Branding provides a ready-to-go e-commerce system that handles everything from inventory management to PDF invoicing, push email notifications, payment gateways and coupon codes. The system provides an all-in-one solution that handles all logistical affairs, ensuring that customers purchasing items from the website have a convenient experience and that transactions are secure. In addition, Ecorecom Branding also offer their very own “Action CRM”, which is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool designed for businesses to organize client databases, manage team members, track sales and generate reports. As is consistent with all of the company’s in-house developed software, the tools and systems are customizable and mobile-friendly.

Geanie emphasizes that a key factor that differentiates Ecorecom Branding from its competition is their ability to think for their customers by understanding the position they are in and what they want to achieve. This enables them to educate their clients and come up with simple but effective solutions to minimize problems. Ecorecom Branding’s position as a small medium enterprise (SME) also helps them to relate to other SMEs and deliver the best for them.

For budding entrepreneurs, Geanie advises developing a strong business acumen and gaining sufficient knowledge about their chosen industry to increase the chances of being successful. She stresses that by doing so an entrepreneur will be more aware of their limits to make sound and calculated decisions.

Looking towards the future, Geanie envisions expanding the business, finding investors and becoming corporate while retaining the family spirit within the company. Meanwhile, business owners can continue to count on Ecorecom Branding to be their digital specialists; streamlining operations and developing coherent marketing strategies that lay the groundwork for a robust online community, leaving them free to focus on their businesses.

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