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Experience New AsiaNames of Recipients:
Ms. Betty Chee
Mr. Charlie Toh

Experience New Asia – established since 2001 is managed by husband-and-wife team, Ms. Betty Chee and Mr. Charlie Toh. The company specializes in offering customized, yet affordable holiday packages. They cater to students’ learning trips, special interest groups, corporate companies, MICE and company’s incentive trip, church camps, families as well as individual travellers.

The company’s core values are fun, growth, charity, opportunities and income.

The founder of Experience New Asia, Betty, talked about the reasons for choosing to start a business in the travel industry. Since young, she has developed a liking to interact with people and loves the idea of travelling all over the world. Betty strongly believes that travelling allows everyone to be able to connect with different people and explore the diverse cultures. She started her career in the hotel industry of which she believes that every traveller needs a good hotel to stay. With her strong passion, she has been in this hospitality industry for the past 20 years and with the vast experience, the thought to set up her own travel agency soon came to mind. Hence, Betty’s eventual decision to take the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship is to unite her true passion with extensive experience to provide and share the best value for money holiday packages.

A business is never without obstacles, and Experience New Asia is no exception. When the company was still newly established, brand awareness was low with limited financial resources for marketing activities. She had to resort to creative marketing and joint promotion with hotels and companies without funding. Such challenge is exciting and pushes oneself to do the best with limited resources. Betty believes that marketing is all about process, just have to get the right component and target the right customers, it will bound to give you the results you need.

Nevertheless, the team at Experience New Asia worked hard in order to build up solid brand awareness. To develop a positive relationship with her employees, Betty empowered them with trust and responsibilities to deliver their work well. She has a fervent belief that challenges symbolize the source of motivation and opportunities that will push the company to achieve greater heights.

The best job is to do the job you love and doing it with passion. This is Betty’s ideal job as she enjoys working and only provides the best to her customers. By providing personalized service and attention to every customer’s needs, Experience New Asia receives many positive feedbacks, thus, giving the company the best satisfaction and job accomplishment. The company enjoys many regulars and loyal customers with many referring their families and friends. To Betty, this is her ultimate satisfaction.

When Betty was asked how Experience New Asia differentiates themselves from their competitors, she gave a simple response, indicating that there is no-secret recipe. Betty explained, “Just be honest and sincere. Always love serving your customers from the heart. Besides offering the best value-for-money package, Experience New Asia will always seek for exclusive deals with hotels and land operators just so our customers will continue to enjoy the best rates.” In Betty’s opinion, a firm believer of providing good & personalized service along with prompt reply to all enquiries is the key to success. She emphasized, “Good service from the heart in most industry is lacking and well travelled customers are always seeking for this treat.” Betty also disclosed that many customers do not mind paying a little more for good service as it gives them a sense of security and trust. They can always rely on the company to render their assistance if required.

The aforementioned Experience New Asia’s core values highlight on the importance of enjoying and having fun in doing their jobs, so that the company will grow. Betty agreed that with consistency, more opportunities will definitely be coming to Experience New Asia, thus leading to an increase in source of income for the company. Even after achieving success in her business, Betty never forgets to give back to society, helping and assisting the less fortunate. She commented, “Practice charity not just by giving money, but giving your time to help the needy people, sharing your knowledge and experience are some examples of giving back to society.”

Having a good positive attitude is an important factor that greatly affects every entrepreneur. Betty elaborated, “Being entrepreneurs, we need to look at things in a positive way. If you can’t let go of certain things, your mind will not have any room to absorb knowledge on how to be a better leader. Power is not about holding on. It is about letting go. We must always refill our mind with love, passion, belief, trust, faith and peace.”

Success to Betty, is about her own fulfilment with good health, passion in whatever she does, security and peace of mind.

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22 Sin Ming Lane #06-76
Midview City S(573969)
T| 6336 9007
E| res@expnewasia.com


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