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Afco EnergyName of Recipient:
Mr. Ali Nael

AFCO Energy Pte Ltd is an independent trading company which has been globally active in physical energy markets. It was founded in 2013 by the former team of a first class and well-recognized international trading company. Operating with safe, efficient and high quality standards, AFCO caters to their customers’ needs.

The company mainly sources, stores, blends and delivers energy products to its customers around the world. By working closely with an extensive global network of committed suppliers, AFCO provides quality products such as gasoline, gasoline blending components, kerosene, biodiesel, fuel oil and many more, thus meeting their customers’ requirements.

It is inevitable for an entrepreneurship to meet some undulations in its path during its initiation. Managing director of AFCO, Mr. Ali Nael stated that the oil-trading industry is always changing, according its supply and demand. As a result, Ali had to modify his plans depending on the kind of changes the industry was facing at the moment. In the face of all the challenges, Ali stayed firm and kept his eyes on his goal, as he slowly and steadily made his steps towards it. He mentioned that he still keeps up to date on the latest happenings in the industry to stay current.

To Ali, his proudest achievement is none other than the sizable increase in revenue earned now, as compared to years back when the company was newly established. Ali is glad that the company is doing very well, in terms of earnings and profits. Moreover, AFCO has succeeded in expanding their business to South East Asia, China, India and Netherlands. This comes to show their hard work has paid off.

What distinguished AFCO from the others is its capable team. AFCO welcomes and employs competent individuals to work for the company. Therefore, such employees are able to fully utilise their expertise, knowledge and experience, ensuring that every task is handled and well taken care of by responsible personnel. Besides, AFCO’s employees are also able to think fast and act decisively accordingly to changes.

Emphasizing on the importance of maintaining safety, AFCO believes in minimizing the impacts which their operations have on the environment. This simply means that AFCO exercises with great care when it comes to handling physical oil cargoes and chartering appropriate vessels from experienced shipping companies. To make sure that their products meet the required specifications, AFCO approaches independent inspectors for assistance. In addition, all of their oil movements are covered by first class marine insurance.

In Ali’s opinion, being an entrepreneur is not an easy task. He feels that when entrepreneurs set goals and are able to achieve them, it is the moment whereby success occurs. Ali elaborated, “In order to obtain success, I strongly believe that you must have good foresight, and plan early ahead of others.” Receiving support from colleagues, friends and family acts as a form of motivation for businessmen to continue improving in what they are doing, hence eventually attaining success.

The future which lies ahead of AFCO shall be a scintillating one, as its magnificent leader already has expansion plans in mind for the company. Ali shared, “We have a very positive view on this industry. I personally agree that the market is big and there is a long path ahead of us. We are planning to focus and work on our assets, strengthening the company as a whole.”

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue it. AFCO is not an entrepreneurship. It is a dream that is sentient, one that grows and ameliorates through time. It is a dream that has been refined and enhanced by Ali by the means of his fervent passion. Alongside his awe-inspiring leadership skills, AFCO Energy Pte Ltd is already on the verge of greatness.

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