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Mr. Henry Hu Guohai

Have you ever felt that your house is still filthy even when it seems clean? This is simply because most dust and dirt in your house is too small to be seen. Fortunately, most of us can live without knowing this kind of truth; a quick run around the house with vacuum cleaner is sufficient to keep us happy. Nowadays, homes are packed with dozens of appliances and gadgets, but vacuum cleaners are one of the few which many of us could not live without.

Although vacuum cleaners come in different sizes, colours and styles, they all display common structures and provide immense benefits to users. You will certainly notice the big difference in results between using a vacuum cleaner and doing cleaning tasks by hand. It is no doubt that every household needs such reliable and efficient cleaning equipment.

Shimono Enterprise Pte Ltd is one of the pre-eminent companies in Singapore. At Shimono, they specialise in areas ranging from research and development, manufacturing to sale of vacuum cleaners. With the aid of technology, Shimono ensures their customers that they are able to provide efficient products which are environmental-friendly as well.

Director of Shimono, Mr. Henry Hu, developed passion for this particular industry, prior to the establishment of the company. Besides, he has an interest when it comes to planning, business and finance management. As a result, Henry came to a final decision to set up a company of his own, doing what he loves.

Shimono has emerged successful in spite of any setback, with smoother operating procedures and a larger pool of manpower to back it up. Currently, the company has its presence in five various countries, namely Singapore, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand. Henry stated that he feels heartened whenever customers give glowing reviews of his company’s products. He sees good reviews as a validation of the company’s hard work, hence, indicating that his team’s hard work has not gone to waste.

What disparates Shimono from its competitors is that it is a company which handles research and development, manufacturing, producing and selling of their products solely on their own. This clearly depicts their capability as a company, in terms of teamwork. Also, Shimono chooses to focus on offering value-for-money vacuum cleaners. Such vacuums are efficient, easy to use and friendly to the environment, therefore, attracting the attention of many potential customers.

Henry disclosed his motivation with much delight, “My motivation also comes from the society. When I see successful stories and notice how they contribute back to society after they are doing well in their business, I feel that this is exactly what I wanted to do all this while. So, I am very much inspired to work harder and increase my earnings, so that I can contribute more back to the society, improving the lifestyles of many people. Most importantly, the core motivation is from my valued customers who gave me good reviews, showing their appreciation for Shimono’s services and products.”

In Henry’s opinion, he believes that there are some business values which budding entrepreneurs need to possess, in order to succeed. Henry proclaimed that the ability to learn from failure is definitely one of them. Furthermore, he has built up good interpersonal relationships with his customers and employees, thus, enabling Shimono to come this far. Adding on, Henry agreed that every successful entrepreneur needs to develop a strong sense of responsibility, overseeing and taking charge of everything. Henry also placed emphasis on the importance for entrepreneurs to be diligent and work hard for what they want.

Henry was thrilled to list some intravenous expansion plans for Shimono. “If there is an opportunity, I am hoping to expand our company, venturing into either Cambodia or Vietnam in the near future,” Henry revealed. Moreover, he added that the company is intending to conduct a thorough research and development on air-purifiers. From there, Henry hopes that Shimono is eventually able to manufacture and sell air-purifiers as their products.

A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a man perfected without trials. Shimono had without doubt came a long way from its initiation. The success story of Shimono encapsulates the need for change; the ability to innovate and make a revolution. Shimono is indeed significant enough to prove how potent Henry’s leadership is. This pre-eminence shall last for perpetuity as Shimono Enterprise Pte Ltd soars to greater heights.

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