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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Koh Lai Hock

Confidence can get you where you want to go, and getting there is a daily process. It’s so much easier when you feel good about yourself, your abilities and talents. Possessing confidence in every thing you do results in self-reliance, the profound ability to be independent and stand through all adversities met. In other words, confidence is pivotal to success.

A man confident of making his mark in the entrepreneurial world initiated Azen Manpower in 2008. The man is none other than Mr Kor Lai Hock. Mr Kor was staunched on being a successful entrepreneur ever since he went into business a decade ago. “It has been a great challenge in doing business. Being an entrepreneur, we always subject to numerous uncertainty and gain many rich experiences.” Mr Kor mentioned the nuances of running a business. Azen Manpower, eponymous to its name; is a business that deals mainly with the proffering of manpower. Mr Kor added: “It has always been my aspiration to be a successful business and prove myself that I can also be a good entrepreneur as well as being a good employee for other organization.”

“This is certainly an interesting trade. It allows me to meet people from different countries and learn about different cultures. My entrepreneurship is an interest to me, as it is very intriguing.” Mr Kor divulged on his choice of entrepreneurship. Diving into a business is without doubt arduous and a critical decision, especially at its conception. “I am lucky to have many referrers in a very short span of time. I was then able to establish good business relationships as a result of displaying sincerity to customers. Sincerity is one of the key role in order to be successful in my opinion.” Mr Kor adjourned, “First few years of the business was very crucial as we have limited resources in terms of finance and manpower.”

Mr Kor proceeded to dictate some setbacks met when initiating Azen Manpower: “As said before, we were running on limited resources in terms of finance and manpower in the first few years. This is a specialized industry, and it requires suitable staffs to keep it running. It wasn’t easy to do so.” Mr Kor continued, “We cherish our staffs as we understand that manpower is hard to get by in this industry. It’s all about trust. In order to produce such trust, an entrepreneur needs to be self-reliant, and should not be liable to anybody around him. To us, customer service is one of our top priorities.” Mr Kor said emphatically. “By providing good customer service, we are then able to build upon the trust customers uphold in us.”

It is unanimous that there are not many disparities between the manpower industries. “We try to distinguish ourselves by demonstrating that we are a reliable and committed company. As I said, it’s about trust. We also pick out all our workers with scrutiny for suitable industries. We believe that it is only right to pick out the right man for the right job.” Mr Kor added. Such a proficiency at its expertise allows Azen Manpower to conquer any adversities met in cementing the path to success.  Said Mr Kor: “We were able to overcome the difficult times during the financial crisis. I see this challenge as a proving ground for my abilities to handle the company effectively, and I am certainly happy to overcome this setback. We also received much approval and compliments from clients on our services.”

“Entrepreneurship to me means having a career which is possesses higher responsibilities and independence. It is a process which you have to be confident about, the reliance to carve out your own career using your own abilities.” a perceptive Mr Kor depicted. “Despite so, I couldn’t had done it without the people around me, especially my family members, colleagues, and schoolmates. They are my source of motivation.” Mr Kor thanked with gratitude. “I believe honesty and sincerity is one of the key qualities to being successful as well. Not only entrepreneurs, these two basic qualities represents a lot on any individual as well. It is the basis for the foundation of human moral values.” Mr Kor mentioned assertively. Mr Kor then advocated: “Be self-reliant. Rely only yourself in all endeavors. Always work within your capacities, and do not be overconfident.”

Mr Kor also gave some details on Azen Manpower’s plan for expansion. “Singapore relies on foreign manpower to boost our economy and being a small country in size, we need to constantly review manpower policies. Thus, being in this business, we also need to regularly adapt ourselves to the changes. So, we certainly are planning to look into expansion.”

With such a superlative leader like Mr Kor at helm, success is already imminent for Azen Manpower.

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