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Mr. William Lee
Launched in 2005 and registered as Easibook.com Pte Ltd, www.easybook.com has successfully achieved strong recognitions and positive accreditations for the past decade. As its name suggests, Easybook.com is an online ticketing platform that enables easy and affordable ticket purchases for expeditionists. With just a few clicks, individuals are able to book and plan for their holiday trips in advance.

Easybook.com provides transport services by using an e-commerce system. Involving both land and sea, their services include buses, car rentals, ferry as well as train ticketing for their clients. Also, the company is partnered with more than 200 renowned bus operators, such as Sri Maju, Plusliner, Konsortium, Starmart Express, Transnasional and heaps more of renown coach companies that cater to 17,000 bus routes across Southeast Asia. Although they offer travel courses to various places, Easybook.com places great focus on their express services to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand.

As a one-stop solution for their clients, Easybook.com provides pragmatic facilities and services like hotel bookings, coach packages and attraction tickets for places of interest. At Easybook.com, their team of dedicated individuals strives to deliver a unique and excellent experience for their customers. “We work hard to ensure that our clients are able to book through our online site without any hassle. A speedy booking process will be able to make our customer’s journey a smooth-sailing one,” said Mr. Lee, founder of Easybook.com.

Recently, Easybook.com has also developed their own mobile application, in which they proudly acknowledge themselves as the largest online coach ticketing agency. With the implementation of this mobile application, it has given the company the privilege to further develop and promote their services throughout Asia as well as allow their clients to complete their bookings efficiently.

Mr. Lee shared with us that he was first introduced to the travel industry about 10 years ago. At the same time, he realized the potential demand for online ticketing, which gives customers the ease of purchasing tickets. Back then, travelers had to travel to express counters just to purchase their tickets. It was very inconvenient and tickets may not be available on the traveler’s desired date as well.

Blessed with an opportunist’s acumen, Mr. Lee came up with an easy online booking system that is convenient for his clients. It was a booming success and Easybook.com eventually extended their brand name to Malaysia. When asked about the company’s most notable achievement, Mr. Lee stated that the large sales numbers are Easybook.com’s proudest attainment. With sales increasing each year, the corporation is prospering like never before.

“No pain, no gain! It is not easy to be an entrepreneur. At times, there will be unexpected challenges that will test your dedication. It is your decision to press on or give up,” Mr. Lee voiced as he recounted his entrepreneurial journey.

When questioned about the significance of entrepreneurship, Mr. Lee mentioned that it is about achieving something and proving yourself worthy. As for inspiring self-starters out there, proper planning is fundamental for any potential business undertakings. Besides, he emphasizes strongly on the importance of determination and perseverance.

Starting up a business will never be easy. For Easybook.com, the lack of capital investment was the first hurdle to overcome. They had to find ways to make themselves appealing to investors, as well as resolve limited manpower issues. In this line of industry, it is also necessary to acquire personnel who are IT-savvy. This is important especially when expansion plans for the company involves branching out to other countries. Singapore alone could not provide the adequate resources nor manpower support, thus it is quite a hassle for Mr. Lee initially.

Affected by the recent hiccup of the economy, local clients travelled lesser as compared to before. There is a constant need to survey the tourism industry to adapt to their ever-changing requirements and needs. For instance, individuals opting for car rentals instead of booking taxi services due to better affordable rates in Malaysia.

In the coming years, Easybook.com will be expecting new and exciting developments, such as organising sightseeing tours regionally and growing their business within Southeast Asia. Indeed, it does seem that Easybook.com has established a stronghold within its industry. With their excellent standard of services, complemented with Mr. Lee’s enthusiasm and unwavering passion for his company, Easybook.com believes in the constant pursuit of excellence to create yet another new milestone in their establishment.

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