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Ray Int'l High DPIName of Recipient:
Mr. Raymond Chow

Whether you are a busy individual searching for your dream home, a new location for office, or a property investor, Ray International are able to offer you the necessary information. Along with rich knowledge, responsive market connections, and vast experience, Ray International face no difficulty in attaining the property which you have been hoping for.

Not only will they act as just search agents, they are also experts who are committed to secure the property that you wished to possess. Instead of having you to personally investigate the market, find the property, manage the buying or lease arrangement, things will be easier with the help of Ray International. They are the specialists who will perform all these tasks for you, saving up your time, stress and expenses.

Ever since 1993, Ray International Property Consultants Pte Ltd has always been the elite within the real estate market. To date, it is still a boutique real estate agency which is very different from the rest of its competitors. With the company’s strength in marketing expertise, Ray International Property Consultants Pte Ltd is able to extend their services to both individual owners and developers.

However, this is no reason to get away from the clutches of adversities, which are inevitable in every enterprise. Raymond soon found himself encountering challenges during the initial stages of operation. He shared, “Customers find it hard to gain faith in a new establishment. So, we had to work hard to regain the faith from the people.” Nothing could defeat years of experience, which Raymond had garnered with perpetual hard work. Customers were soon able to realize how potent Ray International Property Consultants is. This fact is backed up with the company’s superb customer service. Ray International Property Consultants was on the right track to success.

Along with Raymond’s and his team’s effort, the real estate agency has obtained several notable achievements throughout these years. Some of them include CNBC Best Real Estate Agency Singapore 2009 award, Singapore Brands 2011, Singapore Excellence Award and Spirit of Enterprise. Raymond gladly expressed his sense of satisfaction, indicating that such awards push and encourage him to deliver the best service to customers. Moreover, Ray International Property Consultants is the one and only real estate agency in Singapore to have a permanent display centre for both local and international projects for the best marketing strategies.

Ray International Property Consultants’s triumph card is on its people maintaining their working standard and presentations of the company’s ethics. They focus on quality of services, work efficiencies and customer services. Besides, real estate salespersons working in Ray International Property Consultants are all skilled, highly qualified, especially well-seasoned and experienced individuals. They have even attained outstanding achievements in their career. This is the main reason why Ray International Property Consultants is known to assist developers to sell their impossible-to-sell and tough projects. As a result, Raymond and his team have been making a huge difference in the company’s growth and progress.

With 25 years of entrepreneur experience under his belt, Raymond knows well what it takes to achieve the kind of success he did. No doubt, he is more than willing to share his advices with us. Raymond said, “Attitude is an important factor when it comes to entrepreneurship. A good attitude simply means that we ought to be focused and determined in what we are doing. Regardless of the challenges met along the way, we should always persevere, instead of giving up.” Being the leader of a company, Raymond felt that entrepreneurs have to set a good example for the employees to learn from. He added, “Also, we need to set goals for the company to achieve, so that everyone in the company have something in common to strive for.”

Currently, Ray International Property Consultants has it presence in countries such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Indonesia and China. Armed with much success, Raymond is eager to expand the business by doing more projects in the near future, engaging more alliances for the company to collaborate.

The recipe to success is so often stated that it may start to sound like a cliché, however, it seems that there is no substitute for hard work and perseverance. Ultimately, the success of Ray International Property Consultants is most definitely well earned, as years of professionalism and hard work has paid off. Presented with the Spirit of Enterprise Award 2010, Singapore Excellence Award 2015 as well as the Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award 2015; Ray International’s prominence is evidently seen from the multiple awards they had received. Definitely, the company has earned a special space in Singapore’s burgeoning industry.

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