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F1 Door and DesignName of Recipient:
Mr. John Chua

Established in 2007 by John Chua, F-One Door & Design is a company that focuses in the creation of door designs for commercial use. Recently, they have also developed plans for residential projects.

Prior to the opening of F-One Door & Design, John was working at a local door firm for ten long years. With years of experience handling various aspects of the business, he strongly felt that he has what it takes to start up his own company. Although he was aware of the risks of venturing out to do business alone, John did not let this hinder him from reaching his desired goals.

The road to entrepreneurship was not an easy one. Like any other companies, F-One Door & Design had their own share of difficulties as well. For John to begin his new career as his own boss, he had a lot of responsibilities to hold. Furthermore, being new to being an entrepreneur, John had a lot to learn, develop and improve.

During the first few years, the team at F-One Door & Design struggled as they find ways to boost the company’s image and increase its clientele. Obtaining a solid customer base was an obstacle as many people were unaware of the services that the company offers. Additionally, it was hard to hire and retain employees as the jobs offered were physically taxing. Many times, John doubted the company’s ability to survive and sustain in this industry.

Despite the odds, John managed to break through the challenges. Not only was F-One Door & Design able to keep up, they also prospered. The team worked doubly hard to ensure that they perform well and have the ability to deliver exceptional service to their clients.

To make sure that John’s employees were well equipped with knowledge and skills, he sent his staffs for training and relevant courses so as to give them the opportunity to further develop themselves. The team’s hard work is undeniable an integral part of success for the company.

When it came to naming the company, John shared that the name, ‘F-One Door & Design’ held a special meaning. “By coming up with this name, I hope that customers can remember us better with the fantastic service and quality products that we provide. Hopefully, F-One Door & Design can be their number one choice.”

The firm manages to differentiate themselves in the industry by pledging to deliver quality service and to ensure that a strong rapport is built with their customers. John asserted, “We always ensure that our customers are treated well and we provide them with our top grade quality doors imported from overseas.” He emphasized that he wants his customers to gain his company’s trust, which is imperative in forming a good relationship with them.

In view of the next couple of years, John hopes to see his company grow. This includes plans to produce fire rated doors overseas and locally as well as to have his trading business in Australia that provides loose furniture, decking, table top and DIY outdoor furniture.

When asked about his proudest business achievements to date, John felt that being able to create a strong team and being able to work in a happy environment has left him with most satisfaction. In fact, he is also glad to see the manpower numbers rising.

Ending off, John gave his take on entrepreneurship. “Starting a business is not easy. As an entrepreneur, one must think out of the box and let the creativity flow.”

Ultimately, the success of F-One Door & Design is earned through the team’s relentless stance on hard work and perseverance. Under the leadership of John, there is no doubt that the company will establish themselves in the industry as a reliable and prominent service provider. Surely, there is still more to look forward from F-One Door & Design.

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