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AvensysName of Recipient:
Mr. Shafeeq Cheria

Avensys Consulting Pte Ltd is a leading IT company specialising in technology enabled Business Solutions, Professional Services, Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions. From its inception in 2007, initiated by a small group of experienced IT professionals, the Singapore based company has witnessed consistent growth with its business expanding from professional services to consulting services, project implementation and business analytics. The company has assisted numerous clients with value driven IT solutions and services resulting in significant improvements in their operations, efficiency, productivity and savings. Leveraging on their experience in the IT industry along with their exposure to leading and emerging technologies, the company is successful in delivering high quality services to clients in Singapore and the region, maximising their return on investments.

Director of Avensys, Mr. Shafeeq Cheria, stated that he was previously working in an IT consulting company. Upon gaining years of experience and sufficient market exposure, he felt that he has attained sufficient experience and courage to venture out on his own. With support from few friends who acted as his mentors and partners, Avensys Consulting Pte Ltd was launched.

The initial years were difficult with many obstacles, delays and rejections. When Avensys first approached their new customers, most lacked confidence as the company was still very new in the industry. However, they did not sit back and let challenges and setbacks obstruct their business vision and growth plans. The company invested in appropriate staff training, implemented innovative growth ideas, delivered quality professional services and ensured customer satisfaction. Within few years, their customers began to realize the range of services and the quality that Avensys is able to provide. With pure determination, hard work based on a solid business growth plan, the company managed to surmount the obstacles and grow at a rapid pace to reach the level they are at today. In addition to Singapore, they provide services in Malaysia, Philippines, Australia and Dubai.

Shafeeq as the Director, the management team and the staff are proud that the company has grown from a small company in 2007 to where they are now, providing multiple services and serving clients across multiple countries. As a proof to their success, there are many happy customers who have provided excellent testimonials on services and support from Avensys. Quality and ROI from services from Avensys ensured repeat business and also garnered many new customers. The business also grew due to positive word of mouth testimonials which enabled Avensys to establish a reliable brand name in the industry.

One reason why Avensys stands out among other IT companies in this industry is due to their focus on customer relations and flexibility during the project implementation to meet customer needs. Avensys uses well-tested procedures and templates in their consulting and services business. Based on these templates and clients’ expectations, Avensys proposes customised solutions to clients, catering to their needs and benefits expected. Avensys believes that the needs of each and every customer is unique and believes in the importance of customising solutions to ensure that clients benefit from their services.

As for his source of motivation, Shafeeq attributes it to his mentors who have helped him from inception to grow and progress both as an individual and as a company director. During times of difficulties or problems, his mentors were always there to support him. Through such interactions, Shafeeq is able to see things from various perspectives and think of alternate solutions when faced with obstacles. He added that not only has his skills and knowledge improved, he also learnt humility from them.

Shafeeq has some words to comment about secrets to success, “To be a successful entrepreneur, one must be mentally and physically prepared to work extra hard. The initial stages are always the toughest. But, keep brainstorming on ideas to find better or creative ways to improve and grow the business. Everyday is a day for me to gain new knowledge and skills.” Hence, being an entrepreneur is a continuous learning journey. Shafeeq expounded that entrepreneurs must have the hunger and urge to improve, making things happen even when the going gets tough. With plenty of challenges coming along the way, it enables every individual to think out of the box, thus growing to become a resilient person.

Avensys has aggressive plans for expansion in the near future. Immediate plan is to grow the Analytics business based on Qlikview solutions. The other area of growth is expected from the technical resource placements. Besides that, Avensys will be sourcing for more solutions such as new technologies like cloud solutions, so that they can provide top-notch services to their customers. Having its presence in both Singapore and Malaysia, Avensys is looking forward to expand further into other countries like Australia and UAE, reaching out to more customers from all over the world.

Avensys Consulting Pte Ltd is a good company aiming to grow into a great company supported by a team of motivated staff and managed by a very experienced management team led by Shafeeq and advised by his mentors. The future of Avensys Consulting Pte Ltd looks bright as the company surges forward with a solid growth plan supported by an experienced team.

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116 Middle Road #04-03
ICB Enterprise House S(188972)
T| 6336 6634
F| 6837 0229
E| shafeeq@aven-sys.com


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