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Ms. Kelly Wu

When it comes to maintaining order in your house at all times, it is often necessary to hire professional house cleaners, especially if you have a busy schedule. It is a perfect solution for you if you are unable to do cleaning and still want to maintain a clean home. Regardless of whether you work long hours that prevent you from being home to clean your house or if you simply want the convenience of leaving house cleaning to a professional, it can be useful to avoid worrying about keeping a clean home.

In 2009, Home Carely Cleaning Services Pte Ltd was founded by Mr. Victor Ng and Ms. Kelly Wu. The company provides one-stop service to customers for all of their cleaning and maintenance needs. Such services are classified into three different categories – cleaning, laundry and other miscellaneous assistance.

Home Carely offers several types of cleaning services, such as office, window, carpet, pre-moving, air-con, ad-hoc, weekly and spring-cleaning. With regards to laundry, it ranges from blankets, bed sheets, sofa covers, curtains, rugs to comforters and quilts. Additionally, the company also specializes in high-pressure jetting, minor renovation touch-ups, marble floor polishing, air-con and painting services.

According to the husband-and-wife team, they explained that they would like the company’s name to leave a deep impression on their customers. As a result, the word, ‘Home’ in ‘Home Carely’ represents the type of services the company is providing to the public. On the other hand, ‘Carely’ was originated from the adjective, ‘Carefully’. Therefore, the main message which both Victor and Kelly want to convey through the company’s name is that they will put in their best efforts to take good care of customers’ homes.

Like most companies, Home Carely faced manpower issues when the company first started.

Victor and Kelly expressed that it was tough to retain their staffs for a long period of time. As Home Carely relies heavily on manpower, it made it challenging for the founders to manage the company. They had to arrange the working schedule for their employees, brief their supervisors as well as liaise and meet up with their clients. Therefore, Victor and Kelly had to allocate and utilise their time efficiently.

Seeing the need to foster a positive relationship with their employees, the couple occasionally organises gatherings for the company. Through such get-togethers, it enables the employees to develop a sense of belonging to Home Carely. Also, gatherings are one of the ways which Victor and Kelly adopt to express their thanks and gratitude to their employees for their contributions towards the company. In this way, it helps in strengthening their relationships with one another, thus able to bring Home Carely into greater heights.

To differentiate themselves, Victor and Kelly mentioned that Home Carely strives to thoroughly understand the specific needs of every customer. With such understanding, it allows their organisation to recognise opportunities and partner with customers to develop unique service strategies. Furthermore, Victor and Kelly reminded their supervisors to conduct routine checks, in order to ensure that quality service is provided to their customers. Being a trustworthy company, the couple emphasized that they value the importance of delivering results to their customers on time.

After spending all these years to manage Home Carely, the founders have some advices to share to those who are considering to set up their own business. Attitude, sincerity and determination are three important qualities for every entrepreneur to possess. In Kelly’s opinion, she felt that the director will need to work harder than anyone else in the company, not the other way round just because he is the boss.

Also, Victor highlighted that in all situations, entrepreneurs have to spare a thought for their employees and avoid getting them to work over time. They should be entitled to the family time which they deserve. Victor asserted that entrepreneurs can learn from other successful businesses, find out and understand how they handle difficult times. This will be beneficial when fresh businessmen face challenges in their companies.

Moving forward, Home Carely is still growing at a steady rate. Victor and Kelly are contented with the current scale of the business. The duo aims to maintain the company’s financial stability. While sustaining quality work, they intend to increase the number of employees for Home Carely, so as to reach out to more clients and cater to their needs. Victor and Kelly are open to the idea of expanding their company, however they stated that they will observe the company’s performance and do it only gradually. Kelly further elaborated that if an opportunity comes knocking on their doors, they will definitely seize the opportunity.

Getting a business copacetic is a tall order. It is certainly not an easy task for Victor and Kelly to lead the company to where it is today. Clearly, Home Carely Cleaning Services Pte Ltd is a highly motivated and diligent company which seeks to serve its customers. Their reliable reputation, coupled with the stellar leadership of Victor and Kelly, will only continue to bring success to Home Carely Cleaning Services Pte Ltd in the coming years.

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