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Mr. Arumugam
Texeco Engineering Pte Ltd is a thriving establishment specializes in engineering, construction and manpower supply services. They are exceptionally committed in the mechanical engineering industry, with a team of 42 highly experienced and dedicated staffs. Their scope of services includes various civil and mechanical works, fabrication, sandblasting, painting, waterproofing as well as providing skilful personnel to their corporate clients.

As a Singapore-registered private company since 2003, they are devoted in providing effective and insightful solutions for their prestigious clients. It is Texeco’s ultimate vision to become the leading provider in this field. They strongly believe in the importance of being professional when it comes to upholding safety standards. With that, Texeco is always vigilant in eliminating potential safety hazards.

Proudly accredited with ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 as well as a Level 3 BIZSAFE Star grade, Texeco Engineering is very remarkable in committing and maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards. They clearly respect and cherish every employee, therefore stipulating a risk-free and systematic working environment.

Initially, stepping into this particular line of business was to complement the shortage of contractors in the civil engineering sector. Back then, there was not much competition in this industry. It seems intriguing and ambitious enough as a potential business prospect. Hence, he saw it as a perfect opportunity for him to contribute to Singapore’s economy as well as honouring the community. Being a dedicated and goal-oriented individual, he modestly admitted that he worked six days in a week without fail, occasionally sacrificing his personal favourite Sundays.

Similar to any other entrepreneur, Mr. Arumugam faces challenges that nonetheless knock him sideways every now and then. The lack of financial support is one of his major hurdle due to the absence of potential monetary investors. Besides, from the recent increase of levy imposition and dormitory rates, it downright affected their pool of workers.

In order to overcome these challenges, Texeco Engineering utilizes possible resources by outsourcing from other contractors and similar organizations. Definitely, their hard work paid off;  for it took no time before the company gained positive recognitions after various appraisals.

To further differentiate themselves from their competitors, Texeco persists in delivering quality services by making his clients fully satisfied throughout their collaboration. Clients were charged at a reasonable price according to market rates. Payments were promptly disbursed to their sub-contractors as well as suppliers. This particular establishment is what make them efficient and productive through their sincere facet of operations.

When asked about his biggest motivations, it is always down to the support of his loved ones; none other than his family and friends. Their various encouragements and support acts like a pivot, for they had gone through thick and thin together throughout the journey of Texeco’s growth.

With regards to the plans for the future, Mr. Arumugan highlighted the importance of sustaining a positive company image, as well as maintaining a jovial relationship with his staffs. “Live for Today, Dream of Tomorrow, Learn from Yesterday” is a highly relatable quote for Mr Arumugam. Etched with a sense of authenticity and respectability, the man emphasizes on treating people right by being honest and sincere.

To aspiring entrepreneurs out there, he shared that it is essential for clients to feel that they are dependable enough to embark on future projects. That said, Mr. Arumugam personally takes trips and supervise existing job sites every now and then. Evident with the achievements of Texeco Engineering, it is clear that they have mastered the fine balance of perfection in mental strength and technical knowledge to achieve the success they have today.

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