Cambiaso & Risso (Singapore) Pte Ltd




Name of Recipient:
Mr. Victor Ong

Cambiaso & Risso (Singapore) Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2011 by Mr. Diego Cosulich as a joint venture between Cambiaso & Risso Group (Europe) and Mr. Diego Cosulich as its Director and shareholder for Asia region.

The Group was established in Europe in 1946 and it has built a strong presence there with offices in various ports of Italy, Spain, France, Monaco, Slovenia. Since 2011, under Mr. Cosulich guidance in Asia, the Group expanded by opening offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai. The Group has also opened an office in Dubai in 2015.

Cambiaso & Risso is presently delivering port agency and logistic services for over 4,000 ship calls every year. Among the Group’s clients there are various famous international shipping companies operating all kind of vessels.

Mr. Victor Ong was employed as General Manager of Cambiaso & Risso (Singapore) shortly after its incorporation in 2011 and he has been in charge of operations since then. With Mr. Cosulich in charge of the group in Asia, controlling strategies and expansion, and Mr. Ong in charge of all operations, the group experienced a rapid and steady growth conquering important market shares largely thanks to the European Group’s clients’ base, which supported the new offices in Asia.

Recently, Cambiaso & Risso has also launched its own travel agency & tour operator in Asia with Ms. Marian Wong as Department Manager in order to diversify its range of services. The Group has been active in that for the last 20 years in many European cities.

Mr. Ong, who has worked as port agent for the past 18 years, shared that it was his passion for this job that spurred him to join Cambiaso & Risso Group. With high expectations by the Group for his performance, Mr. Ong’s biggest obstacle was overcoming himself. When he joined the Group, the team in Singapore was small and there were many things for him to handle alone with the help of the Accounting Manager, Ms. Nancy Lau. But after just a few years the Group expanded considerably and he is now working closely with a large and experienced team, which includes Mr. Nassim Mutallib, Mr. Javier Ang and others.

At Cambiaso & Risso they strongly value their service to customers and emphasize greatly on having a personal touch with them. To deliver that, the group created a robust team of dedicated and passionate individuals who take pride in their work. Part of Cambiaso & Risso philosophy is to constantly promote team spirit. A close-knit team will create a harmonious working environment boosting the team’s morale, promoting the exchange of information and increasing productivity at the workplace.

When asked if there were any recent issues that impacted the business, Mr. Ong mentioned that the poor performance of the shipping industry affected many port agencies in the area as well as all other marine service providers often resulting in loss of profits. However, these difficulties did not stop Cambiaso & Risso from growing and delivering results.

In order to overcome the various challenges, Cambiaso & Risso regularly makes improvements to its services, both in management and operational practises. Apart from that, the Group also conducts regular analysis on the market’s situation and look for ways to implement changes such as providing reasonable charges to remain competitive. Nevertheless, the Group does not compromise on delivering the best services to their clients.

Having started Cambiaso & Risso in Asia, Mr. Cosulich is proud that the Group achieved an important expansion over the years and credits Mr. Ong and the whole team for the outstanding performance. He is glad to work with a team of such capable individuals who made possible to export the well-known European brand into the great Asian shipping community.

With regards to the company’s plans for the next 5 years, Mr. Cosulich and Mr. Ong shared that the Group is planning to expand its activities in Asia.

As a recipient for this year’s Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award, Cambiaso & Risso Group showed that it has what it takes to distinguish itself from other industry players.

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