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Mr. Chong Lew Hah

Lightings are what transform your home into an area to do the things you enjoy – be it surfing the Internet, preparing dinner, reading a book or even having a game of cards with your peers. Although picking a lighting fixture might seem like a typical activity, today’s wide selection will probably leave you thinking hard with what kind of lighting you should choose. Depending on the room you intend to light up, you will have to decide between multiple options such as chandeliers, pendants, track lights and more.

Star Lighting & Electrical Pte Ltd, inaugurated in 2012, is one such company that provides a diverse range of light fixtures as well as electrical products and bathroom necessities. On top of that, the company also delivers plumbing services, repair and maintenance services, electrical installation and electrical licensing. With its wide offerings for residential, office, commercial and industrial use, the company is undoubtedly a rising name in the lighting and electrical appliances industry.

Mr. Chong, founder of Star Lighting, is a man who is passionate and heavily involved in his work. With years of experience under his belt, Mr. Chong expressed that it was his interest and strong understanding in this field that spurred him to establish his own business. He hopes that through Star Lighting, consumers will be able to find a solution to the perfect lightings for their home or workplace. Working on this mission, the company boasts themselves on distributing products of top-notch quality and administering remarkable services for their clients.

Like any other start-up, Star Lighting had their fair share of trials and tribulations during the early days of business. Mr. Chong noted that one of the most pressing obstacles was the high rental cost. At the time when the company first started out, there was a significant increase in rental prices, which resulted in more financial struggles for Star Lighting. Furthermore, 2012 was also the time when tighter foreign labour policies were implemented. With the levies being increased and quota reduced, the corporation was adversely affected, as not many locals were keen to work in this particular trade.

When asked how Star Lighting got through the tough tides, Mr. Chong revealed that it would not have happened without the hard work and co-operation of his team. As the costs in labour rises, it is crucial to make sure that the company maintains high productivity levels. Mr. Chong then added that he would constantly seek for alternative approaches to improve their methods of production, so as to achieve higher efficiency and boost the productivity of his employees.

With low entry barriers in this line of business, Star Lighting also faces tight competition with other industry players. To ensure that they remain competitive, the team at Star Lighting frequently looks out for opportunities to market themselves and create greater brand awareness. Mr. Chong strongly emphasized on doing business in a non-conventional way and devising fresh strategies when meeting with new obstacles.

At Star Lighting, they try to achieve product differentiation by importing their goods overseas, so that their products sold are unique from other retailers in Singapore. Conjointly, the products are carefully selected, following closely to the trends of the industry as well as the tastes and preferences of our local community. Star Lighting’s low price point, attractive deals and exceptional customer care are some measures that set them apart from their competitors. “By providing cost-effective packages, we put ourselves in the shoes of the consumers to understand what their needs are and also to provide them with a one-stop solution in which not all retailers offer,” shared Mr. Chong.

For the years to come, Mr. Chong envisions a stronger brand identity and a wider awareness of the business solutions that the corporation provides. He also hopes that Star Lighting will continue to be a reliable provider within the industry with a greater range of selection of exclusive light fixtures. As we move into a digital age, Mr. Chong foresees expanding his business online and rely less on retail space.

Today, Star Lighting stands as one of the most outstanding enterprises in Singapore. This would definitely not have happened without Mr. Chong’s strong leadership and management skills. As a parting message, he shared that doing business is very dynamic and requires a set of good qualities. “To do business, it is important to possess good communication skills, excellent judgement and the ability to analyze, strategize and plan. In today’s day and age, being adaptable, forward-looking and creative would give you the ace.”

Through the story of Star Lighting, it encapsulates the true meaning of entrepreneurship. With an ambitious and optimistic business man such as Mr. Chong at fore, the company’s future is beyond one’s imagination.

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