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Mr. Jason Tan
Ms. Jennifer Sia

Founded in 1997, Trinet Technologies specializes in delivering outstanding surveillance and security systems. Being one of the major distributors of security equipment in Singapore, their products and solutions are incorporated with advanced technology, based on a total turnkey system. From designing to the implementation of products, the company adopts an unique and specialized process in their support services.

At Trinet Technologies, they strive to be their customer’s preferred supplier for the delivery of products, solutions and services in security systems. It is eminent that the corporation not only excels in providing surveillance and access controls but public addressing systems as well.

Mr. Jason Tan, director of Trinet Technologies, was previously in the IT industry handling software and hardware systems. With an opportunist’s acumen, he realized that there is a potential demand for better security awareness. Due to a lack of proper security system in the late 1990s, he made a decision to step out of this comfort zone and therefore, established Trinet Technologies. This further inspired him to integrate his technology skills along with the advanced security surveillance systems.

The word ‘Tri’ in Trinet is a representation of the words ‘Technology, Reliability and Intelligence’. With that being said, it is clear that they are committed in delivering excellent quality products and advanced solutions to meet every aspect of their client’s needs. As such, they have a remarkable team who assist in in-house installation and are armed with exceptional workmanship skills and the eye for detailed intricacy.

Trinet Technologies devotes its employees by sending them for trainings frequently, so as to enhance their skills and knowledge. This valuable initiative will allow employees to keep up with the constant advancement in the IT industry and thus, increasing the company’s productivity. Being in this particular industry, technology is often used to reduce labour intensive duties. With ample knowledge and skills, employees are able to work well without hiccups.

Proudly recognized as Samsung’s ‘Gold Samsung Techwin Channel Partner’ in 2014, they are notably one of the few companies that work closely with the giant electronics corporation. This particular hallmark of success displays their impressive efforts in terms of their innovative capabilities.

Earlier this year, Trinet Technologies managed to expand its operations within South East Asia, namely Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. In order to keep up with their clients’ expectations and requirements, there is a need to continually enhance the company’s products. In the years to come, Trinet Technologies is looking to venture into new markets, including Japan and Korea, as an effort to further develop their brand.

“I am fortunate to have 2 mentors. From them, I have learnt that one should not be selfish and it is important to share my knowledge and experiences with my staff,” Mr. Jason shared. Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, he understood that being optimistic and service-oriented is crucial to being a successful business man.

Instead of communicating with their clients in a typical consulting manner, Trinet emphasizes on the ability to build and sustaining an amicable relationship by relating with them. “Our biggest boss is actually our customers, without them, there will be no Trinet Technologies,” stated Mr. Jason.

Furthermore, it is important to be certain about the nature of your business, so that there will be more flexibility in undertaking potential projects. Their unique approach towards their valuable clients allows them to deliver top-notch services and efficiency. As the saying goes, ’A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.’ Security is all about trust and reliability, thus, sustaining a safe environment is definitely essential for every individual. With the success that Trinet Technologies has attained thus far, it is evident that the company will continue to prosper in their future undertakings.

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