One West Engineering Pte Ltd

One WestName of Recipient:
Mr. Clive Ong

Established in 2014, One West Engineering Pte Ltd is a local company which strongly believes in ‘work for quality’. They concentrate on providing underground services to customers. Their areas of expertise range from slip-lining of gas main, live gas connection services to laying of pipeline.

One West Engineering’s managing director, Mr. Clive Ong disclosed that setting up this company is a way of capitalizing on his strengths. He has been working in this particular industry for seven years before deciding to set up his own firm. Clive further elaborated that his days as an employee taught him the necessary skills to survive and do well in the engineering industry. Upon gaining extensive knowledge and experience, Clive set his sight on becoming an entrepreneur.

As with all new businesses, the initial period was the toughest one. It was a drastic change for Clive to become the boss of a company and to manage its resources. At the beginning, there were just only a few employees working with Clive, and the company did not have much cash on hand. Many of their potential clients doubted their abilities, especially since there were other bigger and more experienced companies with great reputation in the industry. Despite all the difficulties, the firm managed not only survived, but also prospered.

Clive indicated that everyone at the company worked doubly hard to ensure good services and high productivity. Such work ethics enabled One West Engineering to slowly build up a loyal customer base. Commenting on his proudest achievements to date, Clive gladly expressed that the awarding of the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise 2015 Award is truly an evidence of how far One West Engineering has progressed since their establishment. With Clive’s proactive actions guiding the company forward, One West Engineering has been steadily moving up the ranks in the engineering industry. They have also received recognition for the work they have done.

To further differentiate themselves from their direct competitors, One West Engineering concentrates on delivering quality work. Despite having a smaller manpower, everyone at One West Engineering is skilled in his or her area of expertise, as the company aims to be known for their craft and quality of service. Over a period of time, the trust in their workmanship increased greatly. With quality work and value for money prices, the stock of One West Engineering rose to become the prominent company it is today.

Shedding light on the motivation behind his success, Clive cited his father as his main source of inspiration. It was his father whom encouraged him to set up a business back then. Whenever Clive needs help, his father never fail to be there to provide assistance in every other way. Hence, Clive remains eternally grateful towards his father for always being so supportive.

Sharing on his idea for entrepreneurship, Clive emphasized, “Doing a business is not an easy task. Entrepreneurs have to be daring and courageous enough to try at all times. Go for it! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. But, do not give up. Remember, always aim to improve and work hard to serve clients better.” Combining the qualities he mentioned, Clive believes that entrepreneurs are able to see their companies soar to greater heights in the coming years.

Looking ahead, Clive already has plans for further expansion. With an increasing number of contracts coming in, he aims to boost his manpower numbers. By having more employees, it enables One West Engineering to increase their level of productivity, thus delivering results to clients within the given period of time.

A leader like Clive is certainly welcomed, and as a leader, his merit, virtuosity is without doubt superfluous. Along with the means of passion and discipline, Clive showed that success is impervious by stumbling blocks along the way, as long as we possess the right set of qualities. One West Engineering Pte Ltd shall proliferate in profusion with Clive at fore.

Contact Details
10 Admiralty Street #03-61
Northlink Building S(757695)
T| 6483 6080
F| 6483 6081


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