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Mr. Kiwi Ho

Engineering integrates the domains of science and mathematics to find the solutions to real world problems, thus improving the world around us. One key factor which makes an engineer stand out is his ability to implement ideas in a cost effective and practical approach. Possessing the ability to develop a thought, or abstract idea, and translate it into reality is a skill which differentiates an engineer from the other occupations. Without engineers, the things we use in our everyday life such as vehicles, roads, bridges, buildings, computers and other electronic devices, will not exist.

Jit Heng was firstly established in 1977. Initially, it started off as a company rendering service on electrical engineering works. In 2009, it has diversified on other areas of engineering works such as air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation works, plumbing & sanitary works, as well as fire protection works. All these while, Jit Heng is a trusted name in mechanical and electrical installation works.

Over the years, the company has expanded its areas of services into project management on building construction, mechanical and electrical installation works.

Currently a registered contractor in Building Construction Authority (BCA), Jit Heng Engineering specializes in design and build and project management in building construction, mechanical and electrical installation works for new development, additions & alterations (A&A), commercial, industrial, residential projects, office and retail businesses.

Director of Jit Heng Engineering, Mr. Kiwi Ho, graduated from Singapore Polytechnic in 2000, with a Diploma in Electrical Engineering. After completing national service, he started to work in construction & engineering industry from 2004 to 2008 and gained valuable experience. He explained that the company was founded by his father, late Mr. Ho Ngan Voon and he was only given ownership in 2009.

Just like many companies which faced many teething problems during initial operations, Mr. Kiwi was also not spared from such obstacles when he took over the company. He mentioned that manpower issue was his main concern. Finding and hiring the right workers to work under the company is not easy at all. Jit Heng Engineering required candidates who are skilful and experienced in this industry, ensuring an increase in the productivity level of the company. Even though Jit Heng Engineering was facing a number of challenges, Mr. Kiwi refused to give up. He stated that he had this vision to grow the company and improve their services, hence he needed to persevere.

Currently a Council Member of Singapore Electrical Contractors & Licensed Electrical Workers Association (SECA), as well as, Singapore Plumbing Society (SPS), Mr. Kiwi is exposed to numerous occasions to participate in discussions and meetings with other associations in the building construction industry. Through such sessions, Mr. Kiwi is able to contribute in the further development and improvement for standards of conduct and professionalism of building construction trade. Eventually, such acts enhance Jit Heng Engineering’s networks and credibility in the industry.

What makes Jit Heng Engineering Pte Ltd different from its competitors is that they have a team consisting of experienced engineers, technical designers and skilled workers. With such outstanding employees working under the company, it makes sure that Jit Heng Engineering provides a full complement of services in their field. Very often, the company is recognized for their abilities, meeting and catering to clients’ requirements and expectations.

Furthermore, Mr. Kiwi shared that Jit Heng Engineering has been continuously working on projects with many well-known architects, structural engineers, building construction companies, mechanical and electrical consultants. Such opportunities and exposures enable Jit Heng Engineering to enhance their insights and strengthen their construction management skills in various projects in Singapore.

To all those who dream of being in the same shoes as Mr. Kiwi today, here are his words of advice, “Business is a link to connect and contribute to society. Believe in your capabilities because nothing is impossible, so long you stay focused and determined.”

Jit Heng Engineering does not wish to stop just where they are now. Mr. Kiwi together with his team, yearns to bring the company to newer heights. Within the next 5 years, he is intending to integrate computer network services to the public. Mr. Kiwi expounded that he hopes to diversify the company, so as to offer one-stop solution for all customers.

Similarly, with his knowledge for interior and landscape designs, Mr. Kiwi is looking forward to opportunities whereby he is able to do up designs for clients. These implementations would without doubt give leverage to Jit Heng Engineering as a whole.

Having a solid foundation, Jit Heng Engineering Pte Ltd certainly looks secure to face any challenges that come its way. With Mr. Kiwi who is such a proficient, potent and professional headman leading upfront, it is facile to fathom why the company is superior in the sphere. The future for Jit Heng Engineering Pte Ltd shall shine as luminescent as the brightest cluster of stars in the night.

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