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DTA Projects & DesignNames of Recipients:
Mr. Derek Tan
Ms. Sherine Tan

Regardless of our occupations, a comfortable working environment is essential. Not only will it affect our working performances, it may even affect a company’s productivity. An ideal office space is important as it will determine the outcome of a company’s success. In DTA Projects & Design, they pride themselves on a professional yet cosy working setting.

“We understand the need for the creation of aesthetic spaces, incorporated with the functionality of the environment to enhance productivity of work space.” This is what DTA offers to its clients of all levels. DTA symbolises Dedication, Trust and Achievement, which are values they strongly believe in when delivering innovative ideas and structuring comfortable spaces for corporate offices.

Founded in 2012, DTA Projects & Design specializes in interior designing, providing a one-stop solution for commercial, retail offices and residential spaces. Besides, they cooperated with several artful firms to deliver top-notch services, such as specialized construction and project managing to their clients.

Mr. Derek is an opportunist who embraces the path of fulfilling his own dreams. Initially, he invested in a tiny office spot for his business. In addition, he personally groomed 6 employees who have stayed in this line of profession all this while.  As a natural leader, not only does Mr. Derek initiate and expand job markets, he also recognizes potential employees’ efforts and capitalizes their skills.

Being the managing director, he has the freedom to legitimize his own decisions. By delivering creative functional strategies for his clients, Mr. Derek is able to make crucial and informed choices when managing his projects. With the combination of time, effort and hard work, it pays off with better rewards, enabling DTA Projects & Designs to possess financial stability and assurance.

“Everyone simply wants a slice of the pie; there is an increasing competition in this line of business. When there are more competitors, it leads to price wars,” Mr. Derek mentioned this as the ultimate challenge of his enterprise.

As a dedicated individual, his company remains as comprehensive as it is when it was firstly established. Many of their satisfied clientele refer them to potential associates, in which they strive to deliver exceptional excellence and innovative layouts for workspaces. Mr. Derek emphasized that it is essential to give their clients a sense of assurance. DTA Projects & Design does not cut corners, they provide straight up excellent advices – the fact that they clearly knew and understood their clients’ needs.

“Be prepared to take risks, always have an escape plan ready. If you do not want to take risks, or hesitate even a little, don’t even start,” Mr. Derek voiced. Entrepreneurship is not simply just a process of establishing a new business, it involves high risk-takings and courage.

One of their proudest achievements is gaining the opportunity to work with Spencer Stuart & Associates. According to Mr. Derek, it is definitely one of their most rewarding and notably significant project to date. Moving forward, DTA Projects & Design strives to take up a higher number of projects. Thus, Mr. Derek decided to focus more on local talents, retaining approximately 12 to 15 permanent staffs. This further enhances the deliverance of quality services while elevating the company’s efficiency.

To end off, Mr. Derek expressed heartfelt thanks to his capable team for their contributions towards DTA Projects & Design Pte Ltd all this while, “Thank you Ms. Amelia, my Principal Designer, for assisting me since day 1. She has provided me with huge support and encouragement throughout these years. Also, Ms. Reina, for being a dedicated Senior Designer.”

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