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Name of Recipient:
Ms. Suyin Lee

St. Augustine once said, “The world is a book and those that do not travel read only one page.” Be it for leisure or business, transmitting beyond one’s homeland is a popular activity in today’s era. In a time when technology was outmoded, it was difficult for people to get around places, much less to another country. However, technology has ameliorated rapidly throughout the years, allowing travelling to become an efficient and easy affair.

To make travelling overseas more accessible and hassle-free, many companies were sprouted to help individuals book and plan for their trips. FCm Singapore Pte Ltd, the registered company name for Flight Centre Travel Group Singapore, is one such company that provides travel assistance to all types of travel needs, including those for recreation and business.

Through three very distinctive brands, FCTG is able to offer integrated travel solutions. As the flagship corporate travel business, FCm Travel Solutions, established in 2008, draws on the resources, expertise and negotiating strength of the group and provides effective and cost-saving travel solutions to large corporate groups. The Flight Centre Business Travel caters to SME business travel while the Flight Centre Retail arm serves the leisure travel market. Collectively, the company offers an extensive range of packages for flights, rail, hotels, insurance and more. On top of that, their travel experts also develop customized itineraries to suit their client’s likes and needs.

The company’s decision to enter the republic’s strategic market was because of its strong economy and infrastructure. Furthermore, it will also serve as a gateway to other markets in Asia. In Singapore’s fast-paced society, it is not surprising to know that more and more Singaporeans are seeking to travel overseas as a source of enjoyment and relaxation. With that being said, the region’s travel industry is growing strongly for both business and leisure travel. It is evident that branching out to Singapore will provide plentiful opportunities for the company to expand its various travel brands.

In spite of Singapore’s small population, the country houses more than 1,200 travel agencies, making this line of business extremely competitive. When the company was first inaugurated, Flight Centre had to contest with big homegrown brands. Being new to the Singapore market, it was challenging for them to heighten their brand’s awareness amongst many other travel companies.

Managing Director, Suyin Lee, also expressed that it was a difficult task to hire talented individuals due to the tight labour market here. However, these obstacles did not deter FCTG from being determined to excel. There was a constant lookout for capable individuals who are travel experts with the ability to do well in sales. By creating an inclusive and fun working environment, coupled with an attractive remuneration system, the company has since grown from 5 to 248 employees.

FCTG focuses on delivering an amazing customer experience for its customers. To accomplish that, the company invests heavily on learning and development for its people, encouraging them to attend skills training and educational trips on a regular basis. By doing so, it creates a career path for its employees, which in turn results in higher talent retention.

In a bid to differentiate their company from its competitors, FCTG brands create unique ranges of products that focus on delivering customer centric travel experiences to suit various demographics. These products not only offer customers great value but are delivered by travel experts who go the extra mile to ensure travellers get the most out of their trip.

In the near future, FCTG is planning to expand geographically into other SE Asian markets as well as further diversifying its brands and offerings, some of which may not be directly related to travel. Suyin shared with us that they are keen on expanding their corporate offering beyond travel management to include corporate health and wellness, continuing professional education, data analytics and shared services.

As a part of their corporate health and wellness offering, the company has recently opened a lifestyle café called Elements & Co., offering fresh and nutritious food inspired by flavours around the world. Travel and dining make a great pairing, and Elements & Co is the place for great coffee, good food and a place to share stories.

As a parting message, Suyin voiced that entrepreneurs should have a greater purpose beyond profit, a clear destination for their journey and a picture of what success looks like when they get there. “Hard work and determination will pay off with results. Always believe that you have what it takes to do it.”

FCTG Singapore has come a long way to becoming who they are today. This year’s Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award is a strong representation of the company’s achievements and efforts through the years. Under a strong leadership team, we believe that the corporation will continue to break new ground and reach new heights in time to come.

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