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FreshlygroundNames of Recipients:
Ms. Shang Lim
Mr. Thierry Do

Established in March 2014, FreshlyGround is a design agency that delivers new customer experience strategies. Their approach is through the discovering of customer needs, mapping of business strategies and designing of brand touchpoints.

Say a bank would like to improve their customer experience, FreshlyGround would establish the target audience not based on the typical demographics like most consultancies’ would but specifically, looking into their customers’ needs, wants and desires be it saving, investing or insuring their monies. They discover key insights and apply a customer-centric model throughout the entire customer experience journey.

Designing turnkey strategies, FreshlyGround conducts a holistic 360-degree audit for their visionary clients who aspire to inculcate an innovative culture within their organisations.

The founders of FreshlyGround, Thierry and Shang, shared that working in this industry has given them a lot of satisfaction. Prior to the start up of the company, both directors were working in one of the government ministries, which gave them ample experiences in helping companies to innovate and build their innovation capabilities. They have trained more than 6000 participants, facilitated consultancy sessions with 350 enterprises and have two decades of professional background between them.

Having lived, worked and frequently traveling abroad, both founders have built strong global perspectives, which in turns helps to deliver holistic customer experience strategies.

Like any other entrepreneur, both Thierry and Shang had an adamant start when the company first started its operations. Their biggest hurdle is to grow their client base, where they predominantly work with key players in the industry. Obstacles are inevitable but it is these challenges that strengthen the company and made it what it is today. When asked about their future plans, they keenly stated that they are in the process of developing a whole new spectrum of products, which they believe would be a game-changer in the industry.

“Finding the right balance and focusing on your goals are essentially important,” Thierry asserted. In today’s fast-paced society, work-life balance is often neglected. Therefore, it is vital to not disregard one’s priorities — spending substantial quality and personal time with their families.

Becoming an entrepreneur has taught both owners of FreshlyGround many lessons that they kept close to their hearts. For budding entrepreneurs, they advised that one must always look on the bright side of things. Being readily prepared and passionate about the work that you do adds dimension in delivering excellence to one’s projects. Additionally, having perseverance is important to tackle any complications that comes along.

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