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Dr. Kevin Chua

Indubitably, Singapore has one of the highest medical standards across Asia. This highly industrialized nation is Asia’s regional centre of medical excellence. In Singapore, the well-established healthcare system consists of specialist clinics, government and private hospitals, catering to the needs of various patients at differing costs. Moreover, patients have the freedom of choice to choose their healthcare provider, both within the government and private healthcare system.

Private healthcare facilities in Singapore are as outstanding as any in the world, accompanied along with excellent level of medical care and services. For non-Singaporeans, the variation in cost between government and private healthcare facilities is negligible as they directly compete with each other. Since private healthcare facilities usually offer better service and minimum waiting times, most of the expatriates living in Singapore would rather pay more and visit a private healthcare facility.

Established in 2007, Drs. Chua & Partners (AV) Pte Ltd is a premier family clinic which specializes in family medicine. Besides that, they offer a wide array of beauty treatments ranging from skin rejuvenation, facial recontouring, tattoo removal, chemical peels to acne and scar revision. At Drs. Chua & Partners, they strongly believe in providing all-inclusive healthcare for people of all ages, so as to better serve their patients.

Located in the heartland of Bukit Merah, Drs. Chua & Partners is currently managed by Dr. Kevin Chua and his wife, Dr. Iroshini Chua. Under parental influences, Dr. Kevin developed a passion for the medical industry since young. He also added that choosing to commit to this industry enables him to help people, rendering suitable and appropriate healthcare services for every patient who visits his clinic.

The initial years were not easy for Dr. Kevin. The company struggled getting a bigger customer base, due to the fact that they were relative newcomers in this line of business. Dr. Kevin further elaborated that as a result of increasing competition in the industry, they had an onerous time to get the clinic’s name well-known. Recognizing the importance of the Internet and technology, Dr. Kevin then created a website for the clinic, making it easier and convenient for their patients to reach out to them. With hard work and sincerity, Dr. Kevin and his team began to overcome their challenges one by one.

Their efforts to strive for the best in the industry did not fail them. With his expertise and longevity in this profession, Dr. Kevin had the opportunity to come out with his own skin care line – Dr Kevin Chua Aesthetic, and he viewed that as one of his proudest achievements with the clinic.

Over and above that, Dr. Kevin went on to talk about his constant source of motivation, attributing it to his wife whom provides unwavering support for him in everything he does. Dr. Kevin proceeded to laud Dr. Iroshini, indicating that she is an extremely capable woman who juggles legions of demanding roles as a doctor, travel writer, jewellery designer, wife and mother. According to Dr. Kevin, his wife is also the President of Association of Women Doctors (Singapore), whereby she is involved in organising numerous charity functions. Being able to efficiently manage her time and workload despite having busy and hectic schedules, this clearly explains why Dr. Kevin’s main source of motivation and inspiration comes from his competent wife.

From Dr. Kevin’s point of view, he shared that it is vital for every entrepreneur to possess the ability to adapt to his or her environment. In order to be successful in business, Dr. Kevin felt that entrepreneurs need to see and understand the importance of constantly finding new ways to package their companies. By packaging themselves in various ways, it allows the companies to leave a deep impression on their potential customers.

Dr. Kevin was also excited to divulge expansion plans waiting for the future of Drs. Chua & Partners (AV) Pte Ltd. Riding on the crest of a wave, Dr. Kevin now has the intention to source for a new location with greater footfall where the clinic will be able to relocate in the near future, providing their patients with better products and services. With their experience and expertise driving the business along, there is little doubt that Drs. Chua & Partners (AV) Pte Ltd, under the leadership of Dr. Kevin and Dr. Iroshini, will go on to accumulate even more success for the years to come.

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