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M3 Marine GroupName of Recipient:
Mr. Michael Anthony Noel Meade

Established in 2005 by Captain Mike Meade, M3 Marine Group stands as one of Asia’s largest independent offshore ship broking and marine consultancy groups, catering to the offshore marine, oil and gas industry. The company comprises of two divisions, namely M3 Marine Offshore Brokers, a commercial business in the offshore marine brokerage sector, as well as M3 Marine Expertise, which provides offshore marine technical and commercial consultancy services.

Prior to the establishment of M3 Marine Group, Mike was a ship’s captain at the tender age of 26, upon receiving his Master Mariner’s Certificate. Throughout the years, he was given several opportunities to manage various offshore marine businesses; this included his position as a Senior Manager with Swire Pacific Offshore and as a Vice President at Seacor Holdings Inc. Armed with a strong background in this industry, Mike eventually took the entrepreneurial plunge in 2005 and formed M3 Marine Group.

“Since I was a young boy, I have always wanted to go to sea and command ships. I am fortunate that I was able to accomplish that at a young age and made the logical step into marine management. Setting up M3 Marine Group was a leap of faith based upon a desire to succeed and backed by a customer base who wanted the range and quality of services I was prepared to offer,” shared Mike.

Despite Mike’s skills and experience, he voiced that he had encountered a number of difficulties throughout his journey with M3 Marine Group. When the company first started operating, all Mike had was his laptop, his experience and his reputation. It was an onerous task earning the trust of clients and gaining credibility without a portfolio. Being a new company, clients would ultimately prefer engaging other service providers that are more established.

Nevertheless, Mike was determined to keep to his goal of making M3 Marine Group thrive. He constantly looked for solutions to provide prompt, high quality and value added services, to attract more customers. “Everyone in this industry is working harder for our coin in today’s ‘tough’ market. The dollar we earn today is twice as hard to earn as yesterday and tomorrow will be twice as difficult as today. We have to be firm with our decisions and always make sure we do the right thing,” said Mike.

As a group, they focus on employing top quality professionals with high levels of technical ability, competence and operational experience as well as a clear understanding of the standards required by end users. M3 Marine Group has favourably attained a solid reputation and is known for providing efficient, proficient and value added services. They differentiate themselves from their peers by adding value to every job that they undertake.

They offer realistic rates and price guidance on top of staying with their clients through the entire project when and where it matters. With their job ethics and commitment to deliver quality services, M3 Marine Group has successfully grown a pool of satisfied and returning customers for their business, setting them apart from other industry players.

Mike’s vision for the company is to expand M3 Marine Group’s Asian-centric operations and grow the business into a global organization. The corporation has already launched an office in Australia and is looking to initiate a similar base in the United Arab Emirates, as they are familiar with the region’s market and its dynamics.

When asked about the company’s achievements, Michael gleefully disclosed that one of his proudest moments for his company was seeing the same group of clients returning to engage their services and recognizing them for serving every client with excellence and value added services.

After being an entrepreneur for almost a decade, Mike revealed that hard work is crucial for one to be able to succeed. Fundamentally, a successful entrepreneur would have to constantly think out of the box and possess a ‘can do’ attitude towards the tasks at hand. As advice to budding entrepreneurs, Mike suggests that they should always be willing to learn from their mistakes. “Never be too proud to admit your wrong doings or pretend not to see them. The key is to accept your mistake, look for solutions to prevent it from occurring again and hopefully, add value to business.”

The Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award is a strong representation of the group’s achievements and efforts throughout the years. Considering M3 Marine Group’s current success, we strongly believe that the company will continue to become a rising name in the industry.

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